Pregnancy / Childbirth

What to do if stretch marks during pregnancy appeared ...?

Pregnancy brings many changes. Some of them, such as enlargement of the abdominal girth, are taken naturally, others such as stretch marks in pregnancy often arouse extreme emotions. Most of us do not want the dubious beauty of souvenirs on the skin, we do a lot to avoid them. We choose good quality cosmetics, systematically lubricate, massage, take care of the diet to avoid sudden weight change ... Unfortunately, often unsuccessfully. As many as 90% of pregnant women have stretch marks. Can anything be done about it?

How are stretch marks formed in pregnancy?

Stretch marks during pregnancy are a common condition. It results from the rapidly changing appearance (especially proportions) of the future mother. Stretch marks usually cover the stomach and breasts. It also happens that they arise on the buttocks, arms or thighs.

What is the mechanism of stretch marks in pregnancy?

Characteristic changes on the skin appear when the skin adapts too slowly to a different situation, is not flexible enough and not sufficiently resistant. The effect is that the elastic fibers just under the skin are broken. It is on the surface of the skin that it is observed in the form of characteristic red and then white lines.

Will you have stretch marks during pregnancy?

Do you think you won't have stretch marks? It turns out that you are an optimist. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, stretch marks in pregnancy develop in 90% of future mothers, as early as six or seven months pregnant.

The differences relate to scale. Some women will develop small, barely visible stretch marks. In others, unfortunately, there will be a lot of scars and they will occupy a large area of ​​the skin.

Can you predict how it will be in your case?

If your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy, you will probably have too. If you have fair complexion, the scars will be more visible in the first stage of development. In women with a darker complexion, stretch marks usually have a paler color than their skin color.

Can stretch marks be prevented during pregnancy?

There is no consensus as to whether stretch marks can be prevented. However, there is a clear tendency in the evolution of opinions on this topic.

More and more experts are saying that stretch marks cannot be prevented. If they are to arise, they will appear anyway. There is no cream, lotion or other means that would protect a woman from stretch marks. This does not mean, however, that as future mothers we are to remain idle. Systematic moisturizing the skin allows you to reduce persistent itching, minimizes the feeling of tension, allows you to subjectively improve the appearance of the skin - favorably affecting its softness and smoothness.

What to do then?

If stretch marks cannot be prevented, what should you do?

It turns out that you should be patient and react to fresh skin changes that can be reduced already during pregnancy. Quickly started therapy allows you to significantly reduce the size of stretch marks. Experts recommend red preparations primarily containing preparations hyaluronic acid and onion extract.

They also work great retinoidswhich accelerate cell renewal and can significantly reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Unfortunately, they can not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It brings a similar effect the use of lasers, which help shrink dilated blood vessels and stimulate collagen secretion. However, several treatments are needed to achieve a satisfactory result.

Many young mothers are taking a different path - acceptance of your own appearance. They abandon the thought of using expensive creams or expensive treatments. They treat stretch marks as a souvenir after pregnancy, testifying to entering a whole new stage of life. Maybe this is the best way?