4000 zlotys for giving birth to a child with defects

There is 500 plus, the flagship PIS project, time for another: 4000 zlotys for women who decide to give birth to a handicapped child with serious health problems. One-off cash benefit, which will be due to everyone, without income criterion, is to encourage the birth of seriously ill children. Will this happen?

The 'Behind Life' project has just been sent to the Sejm and has already aroused a lot of controversy at this stage. Some fear that it is to be an argument for tightening the law on abortion. Others point out that this is a good idea that will make life even easier for young parents struggling with a child's illness. There are also those who maliciously comment that 4,000 zlotys is just enough for a child's baptism and funeral.

The government is also proposing other changes.

For example, it was proposed that the parents of a sick child could enjoy 10 days off, during which their sick child would be in a hospice and would be able to leave the house and rest. They are also to have better access to the help of a psychologist, as well as the right to benefit from visits to doctors without queues.

The money is to be sent to every mother whose child's doctor finds out during pregnancy a serious, irreversible impairment or incurable disease that threatens the life of the fetus. The condition is the birth of a live child. The Act does not include help for children whose disability manifested after delivery or later.

What do you think about the new project "Behind life"?