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Academy of Mind. Autumn

It is good to use every spare moment for movement in the fresh air. But what if, instead of the sun in the sky, we have thick, dark clouds? How to spend time with children in bad weather, rain, rain and when you absolutely do not want to stick your nose outside the house? A walk in galoshes and a raincoat is not always successful, especially during the infection season.

For such moments you need to prepare attractions for children at home. You can traditionally lay blocks, make plasticine and create pictures from the puzzle. However, you can also do it differently: sit in front of a computer monitor and train your memory and concentration.

The Junior Autumn Academy Academy of Mind program is unusual. Combining entertainment with learning and static exercises with dynamic jump breaks and joyful waving of hands. Both in practice and in theory. We are testing the program especially for you. See how our tests came out.

Akademia Minds Junior Autumn is another part of the game that we had the opportunity to test. Review of the "Summer" part is available to read here.

According to the manufacturer, the game "Supports early school education". It is hard to disagree. It is prepared for children of the age from 5 to 9 years old. It has varying degrees of difficulty. So children of all ages can use it. Some of the exercises are so complex that without sufficient focus, even adults may have a problem with them. The program has both voice and written instructions, therefore, this form of entertainment can be used both by children who can read and those who have not yet acquired this skill. Before opening the next task, the nice Tabi explains what a child can learn at a given stage of play. However, this information is more important to parents than to children themselves.

The offered tasks are also diversified under in relation to form, although it must be admitted that passing all levels of difficulty offered by one task can be a one-off task quite boring. Our little testers were discouraged on average, depending on the chosen game, after five scenes of the given task. Therefore, a plus for the option of "saving" results and the ability to return to a given task at any time.

The game includes over a dozen tasks to complete. Our little testers particularly liked: a game about the well-known Memo rules (consisting in remembering the location of two identical objects and connecting them together), traditional Puzzle depicting animals with different numbers of elements and the task of finding differences and maze. The game producer has also prepared an interesting game for kids who like nature Herbarium, consisting in matching selected types of leaves to the name of the tree species. Our Editorial Moms also liked this form of entertainment.

With little enthusiasm, our little testers accepted the kick-off game and the one that was prepared for spelling exercises. They gave a lot of fun arcade games, training reflexes, in which you had to demonstrate the speed of reaction. Surprise, however, were the breaks for exercises, when the guide to the game Tabi, motivated to get up from the chair and move for a while.

Autumn can play the Academy of Mind several players at the same timewho choose one of the characters (animals) for themselves. It is a pity that it is not possible to enter the child's name and refer to the toddler when using it. Also, when one toddler plays (and some games are quite long), the other children can be bored ...

Plus for friendly graphics, delicate sounds (with the option of silencing them) and absolute no violence - well, unless we would see this in the task of avoiding falling berries by the spider. If we do not save the animal in a timely manner, the sympathetic spider is "crushed" and taken as a spider-doctor friend on a stretcher to the hospital.

We recommend!

Attention competition! We have four copies of the Academy of Mind Autumn to give away! Just use the competition application below and answer the simple question: "What do you prefer to play with your child?". We are waiting for your answers until 16 September. We will reward the most interesting 4 answers. Detailed regulations available here.