Toddler clubs disappear?

The Nursery Act is to come into force in a year and a half. It can cause most of the so-called toddler clubs to disappear. Why? It's easy, 70% of them work longer than five hours, which is too long than the nursery law provides. Keeping them for a shorter period of time, allowing parents to give their child only for a few hours will simply become unprofitable. Therefore, the CSO forecasts that those who will not be able to adapt will simply close the business.

Children's clubs that were opened before the entry into force of the nursery law have time to change. They can comply with the amended law. By April 2014, their operation must comply with the latest standards. Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a nursery in every club. Mainly because the establishment of so-called toddler clubs was not regulated by separate regulations. They could have been created virtually everywhere.

According to the new regulations: the nursery must consist of at least two rooms, including one dedicated to the place of rest. In contrast, the children's club, in which care is to be provided for up to 5 hours, can consist of one room in which space for rest will be separated. Of course, toddler clubs can work in shifts, but one child can stay in them no more than 5 hours.

To look after children - from 3 to 5 you need a space of not less than 16 sq m. 2.5 sq m should be allocated for each subsequent child in the nursery, and 2 sq m in the children's club.