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Motion sickness: old and new ways, and bizarre ones

Motion sickness: old and new ways, and bizarre ones

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Motion sickness in a child is a challenge especially during the holiday seasonwhen we travel more and more naturally. The problem is getting around by car, bus and other means - by plane or by ship.

How to deal with unpleasant symptoms of motion sickness - nausea, vomiting? What helps and what is quite ineffective? Are tablets addictive in the sense that you can not do without them anymore? And sticking a belly button with a patch is the most effective natural method?

How is motion sickness manifested?

Motion sickness is a common name. That is correct motion sickness, an abnormality that manifests itself nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. Some people with motion sickness tend to paling and excessive sweating, and even salivation. Motion sickness causes general discomfort and malaise.

What is the cause of motion sickness?

Motion sickness occurs in people who do not work properly labyrinth - an organ located in the inner ear, which is responsible for receiving signals regarding the position of our body. Indicates whether we are at rest or moving.

What is the problem when driving a car or a bus? It is about conflict of information provided - the brain informs that we are standing still and the eyes indicate that we are moving. The result is a feeling being in danger, chaos and reaction of the body, whose task is to defend and overcome a situation that is perceived as a threat.

Is motion sickness growing out?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the unpleasant sensations during the journey will pass with age. Adults can also face motion sickness.

There is a theory that not taking medication for motion sickness allows the body to cope with itHowever, this thesis has no unequivocal scientific confirmation. Most children seem to be growing out of motion sickness, but there are also people who have to face their symptoms throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, no effective medicine has been invented so far to deal with the disease once and for all. There are only methods that reduce discomfort when traveling. Most of them can be used on children.

Over-the-counter motion sickness medications

The most popular way of motion sickness is medicines that contain dimenhydrinate a substance that prevents nausea and vomiting, which also has an antiallergic effect. Except that calm and let you fall asleep. For some children, they have a dazzling effect and make it necessary for them to recover after a long journey. In addition, their use is also associated with other side effects: feelings of weakness, fatigue, impaired concentration, dizziness, blurred vision, abdominal pain, etc. Prolonged use of dimenhydrinate may lead to drug dependence.

The most popular over-the-counter medications for motion sickness are: Aviomarin, Lokomotiv, Lokomarin. It is also available on the market plaster to prevent motion sickness, based on acupressure. The effectiveness of these types of measures varies, and the action is very individual.

Prescription motion sickness medications

They are also available in pharmacies prescription medications that can be given to your child on the explicit medical prescription (most often children over 1 year old). They contain the active substance promethazine (for example, Diphergan syrup, which has a calming and antihistamine effect).

Prometazine is very effective, it works already 20 minutes after administration, protects against nausea and vomiting. Unfortunately, the administration of the drug with this active substance is not free of side effects. May cause: drowsiness, headache, blurred vision, digestive problems.

Ginger for motion sickness

Ginger is mentioned among the natural methods used for motion sickness. In pharmacies you can receive tablets, syrups and lollipops containing ginger rhizome extract medical (Zingiber officinale). It is a well-tolerated ingredient, it can also be used in children. Unlike drugs containing dimennhydramine, it does not cause drowsiness or dry mouth.

Other natural ways of motion sickness

  • homeopathic medicines
  • travel in the front seat, forward facing,
  • car airing,
  • frequent stops
  • not looking back, looking straight ahead,
  • looking sideways
  • not reading or watching movies.

Bizarre, little known (?) Methods for motion sickness

  • sticking the belly button (the whole belly button with a wider patch) - a rather strange method, considering the source of the problem (labyrinth in the ear), but some say that it helps,
  • peppermint candy or peppermint gum,
  • removing any odors from the car that may be irritating,
  • avoiding refueling the car with a child - some children are irritated by the smell of gasoline.

And you, what methods do you recommend for motion sickness? What works and what doesn't work at all?