Junior-Angin syrup for children

A sore throat in children can be very troublesome. Fortunately, there are methods - natural and pharmacological - that allow you to deal with the problem, reducing discomfort and speeding up recovery. One of the suggestions available to children over 1 year of age is Junior-Angin syrup for children, recommended for irritating cough and sore throat.Is this a product worth recommending?

Junior-Angin for children in syrup - yes or no?

Junior-Angin for children is a syrup recommended for an irritating cough, for hoarseness, scratching in the throat. It has a rich composition, contains: Icelandic lichen extract, mallow extract, zinc gluconate, potassium sorbate, maltitol solution, cherry aroma, antitussive herb aroma, purified water. Product does not contain alcohol, sugar, gluten, lactose and artificial colors.

The main ingredient of the syrup is Icelandic lichen, which contains mucous substances that soothe sore throat, hoarseness and cough. Thanks to the coating properties, the syrup relieves irritated throat mucosa. Whereas the second component - mallow leaves deepen the activity of Icelandic lichen, alleviating throat and cough problems.

How do iceland and mallow grow?

Junior-Angin syrup contains two active substances, you need to add natural, Icelandic lichen and mallow. The first is known since the 17th century, and several centuries ago Icelandic lichen was used for relief of upper respiratory tract infection. Its action is compared to a moisturizer that soothes irritations. Malwa, in turn, is also a plant used in folk medicine, which has mucous substances covering weakened, irritated mucous membranes. It is very important to rebuild the surface lining the throat, because in this way its protective barriers, the ability to defend against bacteria and viruses are increased.

Taste and price

Junior Angin is available in one flavor - cherry. The question is whether it's tasty. He didn't match my three year old.

Cost - around PLN 16.

Junior-Angin for children - is it worth it?

Junior-Angin syrup for children does not contain alcohol, sugar or gluten, so it can be taken even by children with intolerance, celiac disease or diabetes.

The composition can be considered average. Plus for natural, safe ingredients (mallow and Icelandic lichen), minus for the rest, without which apparently there would be no syrup. Taste is an individual matter - it may or may not match, it has rather pale appearance. Effectiveness - good, I would not expect great, rapid results.