From 2017, pneumococcal vaccinations will be refunded

From 2017, pneumococcal vaccinations will be refunded

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Deputy Minister of Health Jarosław Pinkas announced that from 2017, all Polish children will be vaccinated for pneumococci. Vaccines that parents have had to do so far pay extra (one dose around PLN 300), now they will be available to everyone without additional costs. The cost of the introduced changes consisting in extending the vaccination calendar is to amount to PLN 170 million. Until now, the entire vaccination system in Poland out of pocket each year we spend 160 million taxpayers a year. The cost of the pneumococcal vaccine itself will be higher than all the others taken together.

According to the World Health Organization, pneumococcal infections are particularly dangerous for young children and the elderly (this bacterium can cause sinusitis, otitis media, meningitis, osteomyelitis, arthritis, etc.). She's going to die every year because of pneumococci 1.6 billion people, mainly in poorer countries. Communities that do not agree to forced vaccinations and advocate making informed choices indicate that "pneumococcal hysteria" has only an economic dimension and is driven by companies that profit from selling these products. It turns out that according to publicly available data, before 1.8 children per 100,000 suffered from pneumococcal vaccination, however, after the vaccine was introduced, the rate of adverse vaccination reactions was 1 in 10 children. The open question is the assessment of what is more beneficial in a given family's situation. Regardless of the decision made - about pneumococcal vaccination or non-vaccination - you need to be aware of the risks that lie behind the chosen path.

Another argument is also pointed out pneumococci are a component of commensal flora (in symbiosis with our body), which we will not hear about in information campaigns. They become dangerous only when there is a dramatic imbalance. For this reason, an alternative to vaccination is to be conscious and systematic investment in the child's health by strengthening immunity. Read more.

And you, what do you think about it? Pneumococcal vaccines should be available to the public, "free", is the extension of the vaccination calendar a bad idea?