Time for mom

Why does the child smell so good?

A baby fragrance is considered beautiful. We admire him regardless of latitude, age or social status. We like to cuddle to the baby, touch the delicate skin and even smell it.

In many countries, you can buy perfumes, which the producers of "baby smell" sealed in a decorative bottle and make available for purchase to customers. There is no shortage of those interested, and cosmetics from the "baby" line often cost much more than their "classic" counterparts.

Why the popularity of such ideas? Striving to remain "young", or maybe there is another reason? Why is the smell of a baby sweet for us, and the characteristic odor rising in rooms where people of old age are already depressing? How does Mother Nature speak in favor of the youngest and what role does the fragrance play in this respect?

Newborn smell

Immediately after delivery and after welcoming a new family member, we instinctively breathe in deeply. In this way, we note the smell of an infant - not the smell of washing powder, fabric softener, but the skin of a newborn baby and we experience pleasure similar to that which accompanies us while eating something delicious. This explains at the biological level the feeling of "great love" almost at first sight. So huge that you would like to eat delicious folds and a beautiful nose. And it makes great sense, which we have proved. The feeling that the child in his arms is "absorbing" is closely related to the very primary needs, recorded in the genes.

Scientists from Frontiers of Psychology have analyzed the brain activity of 30 women during contact with the smell of a child (previously taken from a pajamas). Half of the women just gave birth to a newborn, the other half were childless. And what happened?

Regardless of whether the examined woman was a mother or not, the smell of the newborn caused her specific biological reaction - dopamine release. The center responsible for feeling pleasure was stimulated.

Scientists have thus proved that the smell of a child is to create a bond based on a kind of "addiction". One of the scientists involved in the study added something else - he confirmed that a similar process also occurs in men.

The study's findings included, among other things, the statement that "the smell of newborns plays a role in the development of motivational and emotional responses between mother and child by triggering maternal care functions, such as breastfeeding and protecting the baby by caring for him." In other words, a beautiful fragrance builds attachment, makes it easier to care for and feed your baby.

Where does this beautiful fragrance come from?

Unfortunately, it has not been established so far with 100% certainty, why do we owe the beautiful aroma of an infant? There are two equally important theories. One says that the sweet smell of a newborn baby comes from chemicals secreted from the baby's sweat glands, which is supposed to last only a few weeks and is to be related to metabolic changes in the baby.

The second theory is that the sweet smell of a newborn baby is related to the presence of fetal fluid that covers the baby's skin. Even after washing it, the beautiful fragrance accompanies the little one, thanks to which the parent's attachment to the child is built.

Smell is not everything

The beautiful scent of a child, which we associate positively, is not the only feature that Mother Nature gave newborns to increase their chances of survival.

In addition, children are not without reason born with larger eyes, small slightly turned up noses, appropriate proportions, with increased fat content, which makes them attractive and, in a way, forces the child to "fall in love" with the child and create attachment that helps the baby survive. Mother Nature works methodically. What is beautiful for us is to be because it is supposed to trigger certain reactions and behaviors that facilitate childcare.

And for you, how do babies smell? What do you associate this fragrance with?