Promotions, i.e. lower prices for family shopping

Do you plan shopping? Be sure to check out our cheat sheet to check which products you get cheaper this week. Save with us!


  • buying two packs of Pampers Sleep & Play diapers in Real, we will pay 24.98 for one pack. Pampers Sleep & Play diapers at Carrefour can be obtained this week for 23.99 instead of 28.99.
  • Pampers Active Baby NewBorn diapers in Real at a price of 19.95. On the other hand, at Tesco, we pay 87.99 instead of 119.99 for the Pampers diaper multipaper
  • Pampers Mini baby diapers at a price of 39.95.
  • Huggies Midi diapers at Tesco for PLN 38
  • Pampers wet wipes for children in Real for 6 pieces 25.95.
  • Pampers wet wipes one pack in Polo Market at a price of 5.99.
  • You can buy Johnson's Baby Bedtime massaging body wash gel 400 ml for 9.49 instead of 11.49 in Rossmann.
  • Pampers wet wipes at a price of 11.99 instead of 14.99 at Rossmann.
  • Carrefour baby wet wipes at the price of 4.69 instead of 5.99.
  • Johnsons's Baby wet wipes in Carrefour for 14.79 (for four packs).
  • you will get any Hipp skin care cosmetic for 14.99 plus any Hipp skin care cream with a capacity of 20 grams for free. This way you will save two zlotys.


  • Hipp tea 200-300 grams in Auchan different types at a price of 9.89 instead of 10.39.
  • Nestle groats in Rossmann discounted from 11.49 to 9.99.
  • Hipp Bio milk in Rossmann for 34.99 instead of 40.99.
  • Gerber dessert in Rossmann 190 grams the whole offer at a price of 4.59 instead of the regular price of 5.49.
  • Take any Gerber dinner 250 grams plus another for half the price, take it off the shelf In Rossmann.

Toys and accessories

  • by buying three children's books in Carrefour you will pay 4.66 for one piece.
  • DVD Peppa pig, Madagascar 2, paper plane in Biedronka for 19.99


  • Children's tights at Polo Market at a lower price. Now for 7.99 instead of 9.99.
  • Children's rubber boots for women and men at the Polo Market for PLN 19.99.
  • children's boots in Lidl one pair for 44 zlotys.
  • fairytale bedding for a child in Lidl for 69.90.
  • Children's pajamas in Lidl for 16.99
  • children's corduroys in Lidl for 24.99.

Promotion time

Auchan 12-18.09.2012
Real from 06.09 - 19.09
Tesco from 13.09-19.09
Net from 10 to 16.09
Rossmann from 14.09
Carrefour from 12/09 to 17/09/2012
Biedronka from 13.09
Pomo Market from 12 to 19/09
Lidl from September 13