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We will employ a woman, but without a child. Work NOT for mothers.

We will employ a woman, but without a child. Work NOT for mothers.

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There is discrimination. Despite the attempts to combat her in the ovule, she is doing great. Not only for women, but more and more often I have.

It is not uncommon for that on the occasion of various advertisements, the potential employer reserves - I will employ a woman, but not a mother. Similar restrictions apply also to male fathers, but much less often.

A woman, perceived as a "more important parent", is usually more "burdened" with educational responsibilities in many places less willingly employed. Often, her candidacy is rejected at the interview stage when the employer finds out that the candidate has a family.

Other times, mothers are excluded from recruitment at the stage of applying for a job. Below is an example about a Bydgoszcz company whose owner, even after repeated admonition by Internet users, that his advertisement is unlawful, does not react, maintains that he has money, he can do what I want and write, which he considers appropriate.

The post with the job offer was posted on a large social group (over 67,000 people) on Facebook. He caused a real avalanche of comments. The advertisement reads: "Boutique G *** is looking for a person with experience in the clothing industry, men and women without children. Working hours Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00 Saturday 9.00-15.00 welcome with CV "(original spelling).

The above announcement (visible in the picture above) has seen many reactions. Dariusz wrote: "Without children? Good advertisement, I already know where not to buy ", Anna added:" And labor inspection on demand! Discrimination! ", Justyna ironically:" I will employ: a woman without a family, without children, without social life, fully available, devoted to her work ... embarrassing. "

Not all commentators have the same opinion. One of the Internet users - Olaf stood up for the owner of the store, writing: "Well, now tell the EMPLOYER who he should employ because you have your visions! ... What does this happen in this country ... The guest has a vision of the premises and I realize it, and you will ... " The author of the announcement replies: "However, they are wise ..." and the allegations that his job offer is discrimination, and the record of not having a job is breaking the law, does not care. He assumes that he has money, this may require.

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It is worth knowing that ...

Discrimination at the recruitment level is punishable by law

The employer should be aware of decisions taken at the recruitment stage. He is punished for wrongdoing.

Unequal treatment at the recruitment stage in accordance with the Act on employment promotion and labor market institutions, subject to a fine of PLN 3,000 (the penalty may be higher). In addition, applicants for the position who consider that the job advertisement violates the principle of equal treatment may demand compensation from a potential employer. It is the employer who must prove in court that the advertisement did not violate good principles. It is worth being aware of this.

Applicants should also be aware that the employer cannot ask them if they have children, a family, or are planning to get pregnant soon. The employer has no right to discriminate against future employees, unless the workplace or working conditions (e.g. work at night, in difficult conditions) could exclude a woman from being a candidate for a given position. In the cited situation they do not apply.