SisiBaby inhaler - fudge-inhaler

SisiBaby inhaler - fudge-inhaler

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The medical inhaler is device necessary in many homes, especially in those where small children live. The first years of life abound in many diseases, the child passes lots of infections, there are periods when one disease changes into another. Then an inhaler that comes in handy is useful moisturize the mucosa, give the medicine directly, bypassing the digestive system, thus reducing the risk of side effects from using medicines.

Among the inhalers there are many models, some of them are prepared for the youngest. Their housing is to encourage children to use the advantages of inhalation, improve drug delivery and reduce the stress associated with it. Children who do not know nebulization, who do not experience it, may have concerns, cry, refuse to put on a mask.

The SisiBaby inhaler has charming housing imitating fudge, smiling and friendly. It is devoid of sharp edges, thanks to which it is safe.

The manufacturer informs on the packaging that the device is small size - this is not entirely true. The casing in the shape of a fudge makes the inhaler larger than other models that we had the opportunity to test. Also, the weight is difficult to define as low for the same reason.

You can agree on the convenience of use, which is raised by the design of a special handle for carrying the inhaler. A very convenient solution!

Inhaler - product tested

The device is adapted to continuous operation, it can be used for chronic diseases, because it has a piston compressor that can work for a long time. After starting, the inhaler emits a steady, not too loud sound. The device works smoothly, without stagnation and is convenient to use.


Individual elements are easily combined.

Unfortunately the user manual is quite cursory, there are no more detailed graphics, some comments on the pictures have not been translated - they are in English, which makes reading a bit difficult. The user who previously operated the inhalers will probably cope with the combination of all elements, a person who is just starting to use this type of product may have justified doubts.

Plus for attaching to the inhaler tip with a teat - especially valuable for the youngest children (not all inhaler models have the option of using a tip with a teat, some manufacturers offer this element to buy outside the set. Here the tip is included in the set at a basic price - a plus). The set also includes a large and small mask, as well as a mouthpiece. All this means that the inhaler can be used by the whole family, adults and children.

All SisiBaby® accessories are medical certified.

To sum up - the SisiBaby inhaler is a good product at a good price - the cost of the device is about 120 zlotys.

The SisiBaby inhaler works especially in families where there was no inhaler before and where children are afraid of nebulization.

Look at the manufacturer's website!