Minister of Education: You didn't go to junior high school, so you have a problem

Krystyna Szumilas at the meeting in Częstochowa on 10 September beat her eloquence. She shocked many people with her statement, and Internet users don't stop at jokes. They have a lot of fun. Some even stare with astonishment.

The Minister of Education was to say: "My 26-year-old nephew was the first year to study at a newly established junior high school. And he did not invest in Amber Gold. Those who are mostly from the old school placed their savings there. If they were better educated economically, they would not believe in miracles "- said the Minister of Education according to the portal

There have been numerous comments. Laughter enveloped the net. "The whole row to junior high school!" - announced Paweł Kowal (PJN). "I'm not ashamed that I didn't go to gymnasium" - answered Jacek Żalek (PO). Comments don't end ...

And we ask how it should be good, how?