Parental hits

Nuvki tights

This is another product of the Polish brand Wola, which is gaining our recognition. Nuvki tights are the perfect product for spring, early autumn and summer. They are extremely durable, made of strong material and have patterns that appear on tights under the influence of sunlight. And with this they conquer the hearts of large and small.

Tights in the sun

There are few products on the market that make everyday clothing more enjoyable. Nuvki tights are one of them. Wearing on the legs of a little girl at home, they have delicate patterns, but after going outside on a sunny day more intense colors appear on them. The place marked only in the form of a contour fill up, which arouses true admiration in the eyes of a little girl.

A plus for mothers is product durability. Even after several washes, tights do not lose shape and are equally strong. It is difficult to drag them or make a hole in them. Of course, the tests during the rollover on the pavement do not stand, but in normal use they work well.

Tights are available in several sizes from the smallest 56 to 150. The size 92-98 we tested, however, turned out to be quite small compared to other tights. I would compare it to size 86-92.

Unfortunately, the downside is the difficult availability of the product. In addition, I can see only pros.

Tights in the room