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Fairy tales written on blogs, or "Blogowe dbajki"

The authors of Dbajek had one goal - to create something that would support the development of our children. The combination of two words - "caring" and "fairy tales" contributed to the birth of the species, extremely needed for both parents and their offspring. Someone came up with the idea to collect the most interesting stories selected in the form of a competition, written by people with unknown names and decided to publish them and make them available to a wider group of readers. In addition to the book, an audiobook was also created. Maciej Orłoś, Maria Seweryn, Marta Kuligowska, Dorota Deląg and Patrycja Markowska were invited to the action, who lent their voices to characters and narrators from blog fairy tales.

Read me dad, tell me mom

Nobody will blame you if you honestly admit that you don't have time for evening reading your favorite books, and even more so when it comes to children's reading. Try to start with an album on which friendly voices take you to the enchanted world of fairy tales. If you notice the interest your child listens to them, you will understand that even one short story read before bed will give you both incredible pleasure. This time spent together will pay off in the future. In this way you can show your branch that she is someone important, that you are interested in her problems and want to be present in her life, and the shared moments do not have to be limited to meals or shopping at a nearby market, or a family screening in front of the TV.

What's so interesting about them? First of all, from popular stories about princesses enchanted in towers, about brave knights and crafty witches, they differ in that they talk about everyday life in which happy endings are adorned with sadness, loss of someone or something close. The authors of the care, observing the problems of children, try to reach what makes them young the reader solidarizes with a given hero, can find his features in him, identifies with his weaknesses. The stories that we read about in caring, are not dreamy, in which the main roles are played by people from the upper classes, wondering what dress to wear for the ball and which carriage to go on a trip to the unknown.

Listening to blog fairy tales, the child learns that the cult of beauty propagated by all media is not the first priority, and each of us has a smaller or larger beauty defect, which makes us special people. In addition, the authors in an accessible, understandable, although sometimes illustrative way tame our children with topics that still function as taboos. Who among us can speak openly about death without resistance and embarrassment? How to convince a child not to look in the nooks and crannies of a dead hamster at home, how to explain to a child why an important family member is in a hospital from which he will not leave on his own? How can you explain to a child that death is something natural that each of us must face sooner or later? In addition to such serious matters, the heroes of daycare face daily, more mundane dilemmas, such as preparing a baby for a stay in kindergarten or for a meeting with a dentist. Things that we often can't talk about, because we lack the right words or knowledge, or are unable to deal with them ourselves, are a source of stories that will help us when talking to a child.

Judge the book by its cover

I do not hide, I am irritated by paper bubles that show a world that children do not deal with directly. Commercialization of books gives me a headache. Stories about the fact that only beautiful, slim and neat girls can get and marry a prince, and ugly and unpopular remain in the shade are not a good example for a child who learns inappropriate patterns in this way. In care, multidimensional illustrations often look as if they came from the pen of a few-year-old child, are not detached from the content, they go very well with it. They not only awaken the imagination, but also motivate to discuss the details, colors and how the child imagined a given illustrated character.
I love, so I care, bring up and read

Dąbki is an excellent choice, it should be in every child's library. This is not only another item on the shelf, it is also a gift of the heart, because part of the amount obtained from the sale is transferred to the account of the House of Single Mother and Child.

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