Smallpox scars - how to reduce them?

Smallpox scars - how to reduce them?

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Smallpox in children is the most common a mild disease that passes after two weeks and leaves no trace. Pink discolorations on the skin may remain for a few weeks (up to two to three months), after which time, if we care for sun protection, usually the skin regenerates and its color evens. Unfortunately, sometimes smallpox causes complications. The most common problem is traces - smallpox scars resembling depressions in the skin, smaller or larger holes. How to remove them and how to prevent them at the stage of healing the skin?

Smallpox scars - because of scratching?

There is a view that smallpox scars are the result of skin scratching and superinfection on its surface. That is why parents protect children from scratching - they put on gloves at night, use ointments that reduce unpleasant itching, which reduces the risk of permanent skin changes.

Unfortunately, it happens that the child does not scratch and is very disciplined in this respect, and scars still appear on the surface of the skin. The cause is usually an individual tendency to scarring. The most vulnerable to this type of skin healing are the places where there were large blisters, large changes that slowly dried.

Smallpox scars in a child - what can you use?

You can start supporting the skin for proper healing when all the pox scabs fall off. Then it is worth reaching for moisturizing and soothing preparations. Trying out is a good idea olives with vitamin E, coconut oil will also work, which nourishes and softens the epidermis.

In children, smallpox scars can be used for small scars Cepan, Contractubex. You can also reach for silicone preparations. However, it is worth remembering that the ointment rubs into clothes, so it should be used several times a day. You can also cover the smeared places with a dressing.

If the skin structure is okay, there are no hollows and unevenness, but smallpox marks remain - red or pink, you can wait until they disappear, most often they go down after a few months. Smallpox-based preparations can also be used to discolor pox azelaic acid base, which changes will lighten faster.