Dino Maltex Baby Potty - non-slip

Dino Maltex Baby Potty - non-slip

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There are countless potties on the market - with a music box that is supposed to encourage the toddler to train cleanliness, with a removable agent that facilitates the removal of contents, with a flap, imitating an adult toilet, with a place to install toilet paper, as well as with special non-slip rubber bands that allow to adjust the potty and protect it against movement.

An example of the last product is the potty Dino from Maltex Baby, which has special non-slip rubber bands. The simple design ensures that the potty will stay in place and when you stand up, your toddler will not accidentally spill its contents. In addition, the child will not treat the potty as a "rocking horse", it will not be able to move on it (my energetic kids tried it before they understood what the potty is for). The potty will not become a toy and using it will be more convenient.

potty Dino

The presented model was created for girls and boys. It has a universal shape that prevents the contents from leaking out of the potty, the advantage is the high back - providing convenience and comfort when using the potty by a little over a year old or a few years old child.

Basic advantages:

  • solid performance,
  • anatomic shapes
  • high edge protection against spilling,
  • non-slip rubber bands protecting against slipping and spilling,
  • potty is available in three colors,
  • the model is available in the option with a music box.

Link to the product on the Maltex Baby website.