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"Mamifest," or mothers rule the country

Women are strong, hit, have a lot of patience and show readiness in dealing with adversities, typical champions of organizations that reconcile the needs of all family members, plan the daily menu, set the schedule of the day, hurry to relieve the pain of a broken knee, support the healing process of a broken heart, then help with homework, drop off to extra classes, delight in subsequent achievements and never have quite - they love immeasurably and face the same again and again every day.

Why should they - we have - experienced by fate in many different ways not rule the world? Nothing is impossible compared to what they are up against.

This is the idea that accompanied Lida Green in the creation of "Mamifest". The author brought to life three very different women, friends every day, who decided to do something crazy - to run in the election, completely without facilities, experience, any support, only with great faith that dreams, the need for change - are enough to move the frozen machine. Did they succeed? Did they enter parliament?

The book is read unexpectedly well, the silhouettes of women and their fortunes draw a lot - first of all because they are very real, events are remembered, some threads move. There is a topic - betrayal, difficulties in getting pregnant, an incurable disease, a hospice for children, old age, Alzheimer's - all are accompanied by a detailed analysis and surprising conclusions that life brings.

It is a great advantage that the author on the pages of one novel managed to raise so many topics and not treat any of them with care. The novel was constructed in such a way that it is impossible not to get attached to three extraordinary mothers. It is a pity that the events presented on the cards did not really happen and that in the real world there is usually not enough determination and opportunity to take care of a better tomorrow on a larger scale.