Pregnancy / Childbirth

Perineal massage - preparation for natural delivery

Preparation for natural childbirth it is worth starting from the first days of pregnancy. Too fast? You think so? So read! Systematic acquisition of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, as well as preparing the body for this important event avoids many complications. It gives confidence and facilitates dealing with difficult emotions at the culminating moment of giving birth to a child.

It is worth including perineal massage in the preparation plan for delivery. This is well done systematically in the third trimester, preferably dailybecause crotch massage is great training for muscles and relaxation for tissues, which avoids cutting the perineum and the consequences associated with it.

Perineal massage - since when?

It is worth starting the perineal massage from the 34th week of pregnancy and continuing until delivery.

Every day is worth a massage about 5-10 minutes.

Why do a perineal massage?

Each future mother can perform a perineal massage at home. With this simple procedure you can:

  • make the tissues more elastic and soft,
  • skin and tissues become more susceptible to stretching,
  • muscles stretch more easily.

Perineal massage - instructions

A perineal massage can be done in any position - sitting, lying down, kneeling. Just bend one leg slightly to the side to facilitate access to the massaged area.

We can use our favorite oils for massage - almond, with St. John's wort, jojoba, avocado.

With one finger, apply oil to the vaginal entrance area and labia and perform gentle circular movements around the vagina. We avoid touching the urethra to avoid infection. The next day, we try to massage the vaginal entrance with two fingers, then three to four fingers, which will allow us to prepare the vagina to open during childbirth to a width of about 2/3 of the baby's head.

You can use for massage also fingers crossed, which inserted into the vagina to a depth of about 3 centimeters should slightly stretch the vagina to all sides.

Any discomfort during the massage - burning, pain - should make us stop working. Massage should not be performed during vaginal infections (read how to deal with vaginal mycosis in pregnancy).