Pregnancy / Childbirth

Strange menstruation - is it pregnancy?

One of the first significant signs of pregnancy is amenorrhea. If the period does not appear within the prescribed period, you can make reasonable assumptions about a possible pregnancy. But do you conceive a child? can signal strange menstruation? When does an abnormal period mean pregnancy?

Perform a pregnancy test

The easiest way to dispel your doubts is to do a simple test that almost always shows your pregnancy flawlessly. Read what pregnancy test to choose.

The right time to do a simple home examination is just the first day of expected menstruation, when the period does not appear. However, not all women are willing to immediately go to the pharmacy, they often look for signs of pregnancy (read more) and guess based on them. It is worth emphasizing that strange menstruation can be a signal of fertilization, so it is better not to ignore it and immediately take care of the well-being of the developing fetus.

Menstruation during pregnancy - is it possible?

There is no menstrual period during pregnancy. There may be bleeding, which often occurs at the exact time when the period should appear. For this reason, many future mothers do not know that she is pregnant and with this ignorance can live throughout the first trimester during which they occur regular spotting. However, the "pseudo-monthly" is different at this stage, it differs from the period before pregnancy - it usually is scanty, occurs in the form of spotting. It may be accompanied by other unusual symptoms - drowsiness, strange appetite, breast tenderness, etc.

The easiest way to check if a strange menstruation is a symptom of pregnancy is taking a pregnancy test. If we see two lines, it is worth making an appointment with a gynecologist. However, if the result is negative and menstruation still does not appear, it is good to repeat the test after a week.

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