There are few books that I can recommend without major reservations. This position surprised me even more positively. Although I find there a few threads that are boring, the whole deserves recognition. That is why, after Marzena Rogalska, I recommend taking Wife_22 as a friend. Let the number of fans increase. I am already circulating this well-read novel today, passing on the suggestion to loved ones that not reading this item would be a big mistake.

Communication problem

Melanie Gideon's book is on one side light, good and fast-reading novel, on the other, a real case study. Not only the described fate of a 20-year marriage, roommates instead of lovers, but above all communication problems in the 21st century. It is a settlement of times when we can theoretically easily contact (whether by phone or online) with a selected person, but too often we use empty phrases.

Lost in modernity

Modernity emerges from the novel in every respect. First of all, in the form of: interesting dialogues, conversations held on Facebook as well questionnaires, e-mail exchanges, or results shown after entering the selected terms into the GOOGLE search bar.

The title itself reveals threads, because it refers to an online nickname. Although the characters' novel revolves around the Internet, there is no shortage of real meetings and face-to-face conversations, but they are all accompanied by the sound of incoming text messages and the need to check your Facebook profile. All this makes the reader naturally wonders what role the Internet and all tools for efficient communication play in his life. Fortunately, the book does not reveal one great condemnation of the Internet. On the contrary, it is through the network that Alice's life breaks and her marriage is repaired. It is the internet that allows her to do what would be impossible for various reasons: for example, to explore the streets of beautiful cities by using the Google Earth option.

Very up to date

Although the main character is in her forties, you can easily identify with her. If we have been in a relationship for several years, it is not easy to avoid some kind of monotony, i.e. living under one roof like roommates. Especially in everyday duties, from day to day, when you have to go to work, do shopping, prepare meals and take care of children, there is a hunger and longing for what has already passed ...

What is important?

The novel "Wife_22" is, however not a typical romancebut a moral position that discusses everything that is important in life: love, friendship, family and even the need for professional development. It is an attempt to answer the question of how to find yourself in a world where too often you meet stressed people, constantly rushing somewhere and encountering problems such as the crisis or the economic slowdown and other threats of the present day: drugs, violence at school, or even dilemmas related to finding one's sexual orientation.

For a parent

Finally, Wife_22 is a book for a parent. In an emotional way describing relationships with a teenager. Talking about it, how to maintain good contacts while maintaining authority, how to spend time in an interesting way. It is also a signpost showing a daughter and son as a constant inspiration and the most important companion mobilizing a parent to make his dreams come true. It is also longing for someone who we have lost and who we miss very much when our life gathers pace.

Melanie Gideon

It's not trivial

When I write this review for you, I start to fully realize and at the same time be surprised how many topics this novel makes to tears laughing and touching in places and how it does it in a simple and natural way, without feeling that certain topics are forced or not suited to the whole. This is probably the phenomenon of good books.

Are there any shortcomings? If you want to know about it, then I have to mention the form, and especially the idea to publish the questionnaire questions in the annex, without indicating where they are. This solution can easily cause that we find the questions only after reading the book. And although most can be guessed after formulating the answer, I can bet that it will not be convenient for everyone.

If there is one more thing about the disadvantages: the plot may not be too surprising, and in the middle of the story you can guess the riddle about the main plot. Despite this, the side threads still pull you in and make you want to go back to the book to read the last page.

Yes Yes Yes

To quote the classic who exclaimed "yes, yes, yes" in front of the cameras, in my opinion this novel can arouse a lot of people positive emotions. It can satisfy the demanding and those looking for original and interesting considerations about the present. It will also work for those who just want to have a good time. And although the book has been hailed as a more mature version of Bridget Jones and has been enthusiastically received by women around the world, don't be discouraged. Let's stick to the original title and without comparisons please. Wife_22 sounds definitely better.

Great reader for holidays and long autumn evenings. I would recommend!

Premiere August 8, 2012
Open Publishing House
Price 36.90
Book sold to 30 countries, translated into 26 languages. Working Title Films bought the rights to film adaptation. for "That's Love," "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and "The Spy."