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Baby Cap Hygiene baby ear

The Baby Cap product dedicated to children from three months of age is absolutely convenient, simple to use, and at the same time extremely innovative productthat allows you to take care of hygiene of a small child. It is difficult to find another proposal on the market that would duplicate the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis product - safe cleaning of the ears and care for their efficient functioning and protection.

Although Baby Cap baby ear hygiene is a product without which you can imagine taking care of a baby, but it is also a well-thought-out solution that makes a lot easier.

First interesting application form - a convenient 15 ml bottle with a special applicator, allowing easy application of the product.

Secondly it 100% natural product, which allows you to remove excessive earwax responsible for hearing impairment, frequent infections in children (especially cough) or discomfort.

Third, the Baby Cap, in addition to removing excess earwax, is also supports self-regulating processesthat allow the tiny body to cleanse its ears regularly.

Fourth, the product is very comfortable to use, painless for the child and not involving any discomfort. You can use it sitting, standing and lying down.

Fifth the preparation does not need to be used daily, only once a week, which also affects its ease of use.

It is included in the set special washer, perfect for the finger, facilitating cleaning the baby's ear.

It is recommended to wash the washer before use and every time it is used. This slightly hinders the use of the agent, but you can also use a regular disposable gauze to clean the ear.

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