Imaginative games - recycled toys

The cult of beauty is ubiquitous. The adult world is saturated with cosmetics, exercises, clothes, programs that are meant to make us feel and look more beautiful. There are beliefs from all sides that only in a given product we will experience happiness. On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about tolerance for difference, both in terms of disability and appearance. I just don't agree here ...

The Barbie doll has been a plastic ideal for over 50 years. An idealized Ken walks proudly at her side. Other toys also cultivate the beauty trend. The boys' world also stereotypically promotes beautiful toys. Even Spiderman is an idealized Superhero, no gram of fat, no damage to appearance or honor.

Therefore, I perversely decided to offer you, Dear Parents and Your Children, to create a world of "Ugly" toys, full of fat, uneven and asymmetrical creatures and monsters.
We will need:

  • plastic bottles of different sizes
  • caps, caps
  • toilet paper tubes, paper towels
  • food foil, aluminum foil, baking paper, newspaper
  • adhesive tape, scissors
  • markers, markers, paints, brushes, plasticine
  • buttons, beads and others
  • scraps of materials
  • rubber bands
  • cereal, rice, sand, pebbles etc.


It will be a toy made of a large water bottle (5 liters). Thank you for one of the readers of the website - Monika. Simple execution, as the author of the patent assures. It's a bear with her. We suggest Fat Kaśka, but it may well be Wielki Tadzio. :)

We take a plastic bottle, remove the handle and cap. We form the head with aluminum foil or newspapers in the size that we deem appropriate. We attach the head to the torso with recipe bands (first we stuff the head onto the neck, i.e. the thread, then we can attach with tape or elastic band. We can also start decorating and attach the head with a ribbon). Depending on the amount of "waste" and desire we can decorate our doll markers or clippings. We can also cut face elements from our magazines and stick them on our Kaśka's head. Having a head and a torso, we can start playing, or make it harder for ourselves by making extra money on our arms and legs. To make limbs, I suggest toilet paper rolls or empty small drinks bottles (0.33l).

If they are rolls of paper, we can easily attach them plasticine or adhesive tape. For bottles, plasticine or stronger glue will be useful. Then we have to supervise sticking or do it yourself. We can also cut the torso and push the threads from small bottles, thus fixing them. It is best to make an incision in the shape of the letter X, then the thread will wedge tightly and you will not need to fix the limbs with additional methods. In addition, it will give us a small opportunity to move the limbs.

The reader Monika dressed her Bear in for a small child's clothes. However, if we do not have them or we are simply sorry for them (because, for example, we plan to have another child in the near future or we want to offer clothes to someone else) we can use scraps of materials, colored paper, newspapers or markers. We can freely dress and decorate our toy. For more manual, I suggest adding buttons and beads to create jewelry or decorative creation.

The boys can earn some extra money from Tadzia sword and shield, making him a knight a bit larger. We will gladly use cardboard or cardboard for making knightly items (e.g. after a drink). An additional attraction or skill of our toy can be the sounds she makes. Here, we can pour any "kitchen" leftovers into the stomach of our Kaśka, thanks to which she will be rattling. We can also attach bells if we have them. If not, we can make them with caps and a bead or a button (2 capsules are crushed slightly, e.g. with a hammer, we touch one edge with each other, between blocking a piece of thread terminated with a bead. Caps form the letter V, in the middle hangs a thread with a bead, which strikes against caps, creates a bell sound).

Fat Kaśka or Wielki Tadzio is "starting point" for creating countless characters. They can be the aforementioned dolls or knight, but also the equivalent of mom, dad, it can be a racer, footballer, princess, cleaner. Everything depends on the additional props we create for our creature. We can use this toy tell a child his favorite fairy tale or let a child tell his own, an invented story full of adventures and surprising action changes.


Inverse to Coarse Kaśka. The torso will be for us a paper towel tube or piece of thin tube. The principle of creation and decoration is almost identical. The only difference is that our base is here cardboard, not plastic. Therefore, we need to slightly cut the torso slightly for angle fixing. The base for Thin Tomek can also be used to make it for our Fat Kaśka or just for Thin Tomek - Rumak. Just treat the tube horizontally. The head can be attached to toothpick (stick in the torso and in the formed head so that the toothpick does not stick out and is not visible). We fix the limbs the same way, made of toilet paper rolls or drinking straws (we can also use plasticine). It can serve us as a tail a piece of thread with a bead, bell or anything else. With this method, we can create much more animals. The animal proposal should appeal to those children who in the autumn create farms full of animals made of chestnuts and acorns.

When creating Tomek or Rumak, we can use the instrument "Desert sand" as the torso of our toy. Then our Steed during the gallop will make a beautiful noise, or our Tomek will dance with Fat Kaśka, produce his own rhythm. And this is the beginning of a beautiful imaginary story, which can be continued by our child's fantasy ...


Every boy loves robots and other machines. Let's build a CURRENT HUMAN. Krzywy Zdzich is a robot with such a very small brain and clumsy, but extremely brave and with a good heart.

We will need it to perform it carton after a 2-liter drink. Because it is Crooked Zdzich, we want it not to be perfectly symmetrical and simple. So let's indulge and one hand make him a roll of paper, the other from a bottle. Fill one side with porridge, leave the other blank or push some foil and we will fill the sand (thanks to this he will have slightly "creaking" joints). Let's stick to him aluminum foil - after all, it is a robot, so it must be metallic. To make it more metallic I suggest using it only for decoration metal buttons, bottle caps and even can elements like a pin. We can create a military one "Immortelle", chain, earrings, armor or bulletproof scales.


Let us, however, go beyond the world of "hard" toys. Not everyone likes them. Some prefer to have someone with them nice, nice and warm, soft ... There is a lot of talk now about sewing your own dolls. Only which of the "modern" moms remember what a needle and thread are for? For me, this is black magic so far ... I used safety pins to sew trousers in my teenage years, because I associated the needle with ZPT classes in elementary school. And I hated those especially, especially when sewing stitches ...

Therefore, Dear DEAD Parents! We will create mascots for our children, unique and beautiful - WITHOUT the use of a needle! Just as?

To complete Soft toy-Dowolniaka we will need it a lot of material and cuttings, cotton wool, safety pins already mentioned (can be a stapler) and rubber bandsand.

We are starting from head. We fill it cotton wool or clippings (we can also use a newspaper, but our Teddy Bear will no longer be so soft) until we get the hardness and size we need. With a ribbon or elastic, we squeeze the head to form a neck. We already have a ghost with a head and a hanging body. They will be next hands. We also fill them with cotton wool or fabric clippings and also "cut off with a rubber band. If you do not want the cut to be strong, you can attach it with a safety pin or stapler from the inside (from the left side) and leave it without an elastic band. Thanks to this, we will create the effect of a slightly smoother transition between your arms and torso. The next stage is filling trunk, but still leaving some material on legs. This is where the stairs start, because these legs have to be "closed" somehow. And how to do it without a thread? Nothing could be simpler. tie knot.

If we are struggling with a problem free material from the thighs side and the knot itself will not solve the problem, then I suggest to close the thighs from the left and then tie the feet to the knot. We cut off excess material and the BEAR is ready! We did not use an inch of thread and we did not need a needle.

It is more difficult if we do not have the right size of fabric. Don't worry though. It is enough to make each body element separately, each time closing it with a knot or elastic band (e.g. arms and legs made of socks, torso with tights if the Bear is to be slim or plump, I suggest an old undershirt for the torso).

After making every part of the body of our Plushak-Dniniak remains with us connect them. We can attach two knots to each other with a rubber band, do not tie knots before, only Only tie the two ends into a knot (e.g. tip of the leg with the tip of the torso). Of course, we can sew them, but we do not go to such an easy way. If our torso has only 1 hole and we assume that it will be a neck, then before we tie, let's do it 4 holes for the legs and arms. Let's thread the limbs, then tie them in a knot. Then fill the torso with cotton wool and tie the neck. Thanks to this, we will create an almost professionally made Plush toy.

Consider playing with your own toys, Dear Parents, completely at ease. What I proposed is just a starting point for creating your dream toys. Together with your child, create a family of Teddy Bears, a Robot company or whatever your fantasy will tell you and your children. Because, to quote the classic:

Fantasy fantasy
because fantasy is because
to have fun, to have fun
to play FOR THE WHOLE!