Wader puzzle blocks - is it worth buying them?

Wader Wo┼║niak is a well-known producer of children's toys. The offer includes many products - including puzzle blocks that were created for the preparation of horizontal constructions - pictures, flowers, numbers, geometric figures.

In the bucket in the mesh (unfortunately without closing) there are 25 puzzles in several colors - purple, blue, orange, red, green. All components are the same size, made of plastic. They have holes and tabs that are used to connect.

When we connect the blocks, the construction is very durable, we can easily move it, rotate it to any side. Unfortunately, this is also a disadvantage of this product, because the blocks are difficult to detach, disassembly can be especially difficult for children. By accident, you can even break one of the tabs (it happened to us twice during the game - although the element did not fall off completely, but it broke). Therefore, care must be taken.

A flower created by a four-year-old girl

Blocks are not expensive, they cost 15 zlotys. They are suitable for children 3, 4+ or younger in cooperation with parents. Certainly they are an interesting alternative to classic blocks.

sunshine, clouds, flowers and grass

Above picture - flowers, sunshine and clouds created by our almost 4.5-year-old daughter.

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