Cheaper items for children

Saving in the parents' world is usually a way to save money for their own pleasures. As a parentin portal, we believe that not only children are important, which is why we recommend you cheaper shopping alternatives. Find with us offers at promotional prices.


  • Pampers diapers- Any Sleep & Play package in your market will amount to 28.99 PLN / item. You will save as much as PLN 15 at Tesco by buying Pampers Active Baby diapers for PLN 39.99. The price is for the midi size. You will spend only 5gr less on the same product in Real. On the other hand, in Auchan you will pay PLN 29.99 for an Active Baby package in maxi size. At Rossmann, the promotional price is for Pampers Premium Care diapers. Now you can buy them for 51.99 PLN.
  • Huggies diapers- Thinking about starting to learn to swim your kids? Unfortunately, summer doesn't spoil us with sunny weather. An alternative to swimming in lakes or in the sea can be a swimming pool. For the sake of hygiene, get diapers for small swimmers. You will pay 17.47 PLN in Real (24.99 PLN) for the Huggies Swimmers packaging. You can buy Huggies New born and Premium diapers at the Polo Market at a promotional price of PLN 32.99.
  • Wet wipes- After Euro 2012 only memories are left. Markets are trying to sell out the magazines with the logos of sports championships. At Tesco for a package with 72 pcs. instead of PLN 10.99, you will pay only PLN 5.49 instead of PLN 10.99 instead of handkerchiefs promoting a football event. If you value natural products, then in Real you will find Tami handkerchiefs, made of soft cotton in two variants. Each pack containing 72 items. this cost PLN 4 (so far almost PLN 8). The Tesco four-pack Pampers Baby Fresh wipes are available for PLN 19.99. You would have to spend PLN 26.95 for a six-pack. The double pack of Nivea Pure & Fresh wipes has been discounted at Rossmann from PLN 15.99 to PLN 12.99.
  • Cosmetics- PLN 5.50 - this is how much you save at Tesco on a 500ml bottle of shampoo with the Euro 2012 logo. You spend PLN 5.49 on a raspberry or strawberry cosmetic. If you are struggling with your baby's skin problems, Sudocrem will help you. You will receive a 60g jar in Real for PLN 13.99.


  • Milk- When you buy two boxes of 350g Nestle Junior milk at Tesco, you will pay PLN 22.18, because the second packaging is covered by a 50% discount. In Real, the art of the same product will cost you 13.95 PLN. If your child drinks Bebilon 2 HA lotion, then at Rossmann you will get it for PLN 25.49 (applies to 400g can). The same drugstore reduced the price of Nan milk for children over 6 months in 600g packs. You will pay PLN 3 less for the carton, i.e. PLN 24.99.
  • dinners- Two 190g jars of Gerber dishes are available in Real for PLN 7.59. At Rossmann, by opting for a 125g jar of BoboVita, the second can be purchased for half the price. We will spend a total of PLN 2.79.
  • porridge- At Carrefour, you will purchase 4 packages of BoboVita milk and rice porridges for the price of 3. In total, they will amount to PLN 21.88.
  • Water, juice, drinks- A six pack of Zdrojek spring waters with a capacity of 0.33l (bottle) will carry you PLN 5.99 at Carrefour. You will also pay PLN 2.59 for a 175ml bottle of BoboVita juice.
  • Deserki- If you decide to buy 4 BoboVita jars with 125g capacity in Carrefour, you will get one of them as a gift. The cash register will only increase by PLN 8.07. In the same store, four Nestle yoghurts cost PLN 8.99.


  • For girls- You will buy Steffi babysitter at Tesco at half the price. To give your daughter pleasure, you have to fund the cash register by PLN 17.49.
  • For boys- Matchbox toy fans will probably enjoy the rebate at Tesco, including mini trucks, excavators and other vehicles necessary for great fun. You can buy each of them for PLN 17.99.


  • Tableware- Preschoolers will definitely love the breakfast containers with the Disney character logo. For each of them in your Market you will pay PLN 9.99 (in Real a similar product costs PLN 6.99). There you will also get colorful water bottles for PLN 8.99, non-spill cups with Winnie the Pooh for PLN 11.99 and table mats for PLN 4.99.
  • Science- Thick, solidly made Bambino crayons in a box that holds up to 12 colored pieces, are available at Tesco for PLN 5, i.e. PLN 9.99. The least, because in Carrefour, you spend only 0.85 PLN for a pack of ordinary crayons.


  • For babies - a three-piece baby tracksuit is an expense in Carrefour in the amount of PLN 34.99. You will pay a penny PLN 13 for a long-sleeved shirt. Sleepwear and jackets are available from 9.99 PLN. A charming dressing gown will be yours for 22.99 PLN.

Duration of the promotion
Twój Market 15.08-28.08
Tesco 16.08- 22.08
Real 16.08- 22.08
Carrefour 16.08-20.08
Auchan 16.08- 21.08
Polo Market 15.08-21.08
Rossmann 16.08-30.08