Why is it worth waiting for the first bath of the newborn?

Only decades ago, mothers were taken away from mothers almost without reflection, immediately after delivery, weighed and bathed. Today we have more detailed knowledge on this subject and more and more experts say that there is nothing to rush.

Bathing in the first hours of life is not so important. Why?

Here are a few reasons why you should wait with her.

1. A child is not born dirty, but adapted to the conditions in which she was in her mother's stomach and to what awaits them after delivery. Fetal ointment, with which the baby is born, provides natural protection for the skin. It moisturizes and protects against the adverse effects of external factors, including infections.

2. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the baby's skin is found right after delivery proteins with antibacterial properties that protect the baby from infections.

3. Newborns do not cope well with thermoregulation, hence bathing them right after delivery can be an unpleasant experience for them.

4. Skin-to-skin contact is the most important thing after delivery. It is not worth interrupting or shortening this time in any way by performing treatments that can wait.

5. Good towels are enough to absorb excess fetal fluid, blood and possible tar.

6. In 2010, researchers from the Boston Medical Center conducted a study that confirmed that the delay of bathing a newborn baby up to 12 hours after delivery with an average of three to three increases the chance of starting breastfeeding. It also allows you to bond with the mother and adjust the baby's body temperature.

When was the first bath for the newborn?

According to the World Health Organization, the first bath of a newborn baby should take place within the first 24 hours after delivery.

It is worth waiting at least 4 hours. On the other hand, nothing will happen when the newborn is first bathed 20 hours after birth. In some hospitals, healthy, full-term newborns are bathed 8 hours after delivery. Some, although rare situations, refuse to take a bath in the hospital and decide to wash the baby in the bathtub only a week after his birth. Previously, they wash the body with a sponge on the changing table.

It is increasingly emphasized that the first bath of a newborn baby in the hospital is not dictated by hygiene, but rather by the need to show young parents how to deal with this duty. Debuting mom and dad often worry that the baby slips out of his hands, falls into the water, that something goes wrong. Midwife's help during bathing gives time to get used to the new situation and control emotions.