Pregnancy / Childbirth

9 myths about childbirth

Expectant mother must listen to many valuable advices before she crosses the magical boundary between women "before delivery" and those "after delivery".

Often these are uninvited tips and suggestions sprinkled with visions from hell. Young friends and elderly ladies met in the park threaten with the vision of hours of torture, they nod with compassion and smile knowingly. However, is all the information that is given to pregnant women true? Learn the greatest myths about delivery.

You will definitely know that it has already begun

Most guidebooks state that it is difficult not to know that it is being born. However, this is the biggest lie that is passed on to future mothers. Childbirth often starts because not spectacularly: not necessarily from sudden pain or rupture of the waters. That is why it happens that the action continues and the expectant mother doesn't notice it, because poor labor contractions occur at night when he sleeps or confuses them with predictive contractions.

There are often doubts as to whether the pain felt is childbirth pain. Experience does not speak in their favor, because each time delivery can start differently and have a different course.

Young mothers often mention that in the delivery room they learned that the regular contractions that they felt two days earlier were birth pains. They are surprised, especially when their contractions lasted a day and then passed. It is thanks to them that the neck can widen up to 5 cm, and the future mother may not be aware that half the way is behind her. In the meantime, it often happens that she goes out for a walk, hangs the laundry, goes to sleep, bathes and does many other smaller things, completely unaware that the labor campaign is going on.

The media illuminate the birth even more colorfully: as a great surprise and stress. Each of us probably knows the gruesome stories under the title: a lady hurt her belly harder, went to the toilet and ... there she only realized that she is pregnant and that she is just giving birth, so she quickly jumped up, closed the hatch and grabbed the baby coming out between the legs in hands so that this does not fall on the tiles ... According to some TV stations, it can also happen, although let's be honest, that the average woman does not have to worry. He may even look at it sensibly and say that it is quite impossible.

Therefore, the belief that a woman knows that she is giving birth should be considered a MYTH. Often, the first stage of labor is latent and the future mother simply has no idea that labor has begun. Something else later: when the action is advanced, then you can't miss it.

You will give birth after regular contractions

You wait, thinking hard not to confuse Braxton-Hicks contractions with regular contractions, you read about how the contractions differ from each other and when you feel the right ones, you go to the hospital. And suddenly everything ends there.

Even though you were thinking that this is the moment and you are about to hug your child, nothing else happens. You are disappointed. Just like thousands of women who, after their first regular contractions ... have to wait until everything starts again. Sometimes you have to go home after being admitted to the hospital, but much more often wait in the hospital, hoping that in a few, several or several dozen hours the labor will start.