BioSaurus - organic crisps for children without gluten

I bought my package in Piotr and Paweł. I was interested in the information that I found on the packaging - crisps are organic, baked, available in several flavors (my ketchup), and each crisp has the shape of a dinosaur, which is certainly an additional advantage.

75% is corn, further sunflower oil, 5% ketchup spice (tomato, salt, sugar, corn flour, corn yeast extract, paprika powder, tomato concentrate, pepper, sunflower oil, garlic, anti-caking agent, silica, salt , pepper extract). All ingredients come from organic farming. Gluten free product.

Manufacturer's website -

Crisps may not be the healthiest idea, but BioSaurus offers are certainly better than crisps than other crunchy ingredients with a worse composition on sale. They can be given from time to time.

The price for 50 grams around PLN 3.50 may not be the lowest, but I think it is acceptable.

Overall rating