Small child

Insulting, or a way of manifesting discontent. How to react

How to react when a child is offended? What to do if a three-year-old, four-year-old or five-year-old manifests his opposition and tries to force his attitude to change his mind?

First of all, you should remain calm. Otherwise, insulting will become a toddler's way of solving all problems. The child will manifest his anger not directly, but reaching for silent aggression. When he sees you have guilt, the problem will get worse. That is why it is so important for you to remember that ...

You must remain calm

If the child goes to his room, let him. Don't mind his behavior. If she's crying, come and try to comfort her. However, if he rejects you, leave him alone, let him have time to cool down, be nearby.

Don't give in

If you see a depressed face, big tears on your cheek, don't change your mind. Stay with your child, hug if he needs it, but stick to what you have agreed. The child needs clear rules, must know that you set the rules. If you surrender, it will not be happier, seemingly it will win, but you will actually lose both of them.

Don't exaggerate the problem

The child has the right to emotions, he can manifest his dissatisfaction in different ways, but this is not the end of the world. Although "playing" offending can be very tiring for everyone, the toddler will quickly give up unfavorable practices if he sees that they are of little use.

Get rid of guilt

When you see a child in pain, you may feel that you have overdone it, that your response was inadequate. Quite unnecessarily. You must know that your task as a parent is not to remove the reasons for frustration, it is not to ensure that the child is always satisfied, the toddler must learn how to deal with refusal, how to express his bad mood and what is allowed and what no.

Let's talk

When the child passes a bad mood and is "offended", do not pass over the topic. Talk to your child. Say it's important to you that you respect his emotions, but that you don't like how he manifests his dissatisfaction.