"Fun with imagination" - train station and farm

"Fun with imagination" - train station and farm

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Summer is the time we spend with great pleasure in the fresh air. It happens, however, that the weather is bad, we got sick or our heat is unbearable. How to wait this time? What to do for a child, when there is no TV, board games are already bored, the rest of the toys also do not arouse interest? Let's play an ecologist and use recyclable materials to create unique toys! Today I suggest you, Dear Parents, and your children prepare a train station with passengers and a train and / or a farm!

We will need:

  • Locomotive / tractor: larger box (e.g. milk, washing powder, breakfast cereals), smaller box (e.g. matches, drugs / vitamins), toilet paper roll, ice cream stick, 4 caps (e.g. water, juice, drink) Nestea type)
  • Wagon / trailer: larger box, 4 caps
  • Tracks: straws
  • Passenger / host: skewer stick, printed or drawn man
  • Station / barn: large cardboard box
  • Animals: skewers, printed or drawn animals
  • Farm, pasture: ice cream sticks or straws, plasticine, nut.
  • Additional: scrap materials, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, disposable napkins, small pieces of paper, colored paper and / or paints, brushes (if paints), water, newspapers, crayons, hay, sticks, pebbles, etc.

Figure 1

We are preparing locomotive (or tractor) and the selected number of wagons (or trailers) according to the design (Fig. 1 locomotive, Fig. 2 wagon). If the wagons are to be freight, just cut out the wall / ceiling and insert the appropriate raw material at the top. If the wagon is to be passenger, then we have to cut out the windows and doors on the sides, and then put the passengers. We can additionally decorate the wagons with curtains or other decorations. From the outside, we color the locomotive and wagons with colored paper or paint to give a uniform, nice color. If the cardboard is covered with a slippery surface and we do not have the opportunity to apply paint, then we can first stick the newspaper and then paint it in the chosen color.

Passengers (or farmers and family)we make according to our own ideas

Figure 2

(Fig. 3 passenger). We can use ready-to-print templates posted on the Internet or paint in person. We can create one-sided or double-sided puppets, people, animals, additional elements such as handbags, suitcases, cages, etc. Cut the ready template, color it, attach it to the stick from the skewers with adhesive tape. Passengers can be in a standing, sitting, sleeping position - full freedom.

Figure 3

Station (or barn) is the most arbitrary element to perform. We can use any carton and, according to its capabilities, design cash registers, a waiting room with benches, even an ATM and bar. The easiest way is to cut the roof hole first to make it easier to place the elements inside. We also cut windows and doors. From cardboard or pieces of cardboard, we can make benches, countertops, tables, chairs, a machine with drinks. If we have a really big cardboard box, we can put smaller ones that fulfill the functions of the above elements. From paper rolls we can build a chimney or a tower with a clock, straws - lanterns, we can create an arbor, winter garden, staircase or elevator from empty bottles (in addition we use a matchbox and string inside the bottle). We are limited only by imagination!

Tory we make combining straws. We arrange them in the route we choose. We can strengthen the joints with adhesive tape. Remember when laying the tracks that their track coincides with the wheel track of our train.
Animals can be made according to the design (Fig. 4 dog). This is the easiest form that will ensure animals stability and mobility in moving around our Farm. All you need to do is cut out a form previously printed or created by yourself, glue the middle, we will remove the wings and it's ready! If we care about greater stability and durability, we can put an additional layer of bristol, paper or cardboard inside and glue it together.

The last element of the farm is farm.It is a fence needed by every host so that his animals have a safe run. To build spans, I suggest ice cream sticks or straws, which we place in small plasticine balls. We can put a piece of paper painted green or green colored paper on the bottom and the pasture is ready. If we create grass, they are plasticine balls

Figure 4

stick it on a piece of paper and only fix pieces of straws or sticks. We can also use sticks found in the garden, then our farm will be more "homely". To make a gate, we can connect several straws with a tape into a span, according to the design (Fig. 5 gate).

To enrich the farm, we can build hosts whole house from additional cardboard. Then all the walls of the materials will be useful in creating a beautiful interior. Thanks to them, the hostess will be able to have a cat on the stove or a dog at the kennel, she will be able to invite guests to the table from neighboring farms. Everything according to the child's fantasies and dreams.

Just a whistle or a bell and the fun is ready! If the child does not like to ride the train can develop service sector at the station,introducing all kinds of conversations, hair salons, bars and cafes there. You can bring family, numerous animals, accessories such as rakes, hay, trough, etc. to the farm. We can involve the whole family and / or a fairly large group of children in this game. We will avoid quarrels between young builders, if

Figure 5

we will separate the tasks beforehand. Everyone will be able to decorate the wagon or part of the station according to their ideas and fantasies. Everyone can prepare your passenger versionwho can go by train to a match, concert, work or ball. Animal selection can also be any. Not only chickens, horses, cows, but also dinosaurs and giraffes can live on our farm. Let's give children different solutions. If he dreams of a lion, maybe you can build a cage for him together so that he does not eat sheep and goats? Or maybe it will be a completely tame lion who will be friends with the rest of the animals?

This kind of fun is not only a workshop of creation and imagination, but also a good idea to use the "leftovers" that will always be found somewhere in every home.
And how? We build? :)