Pregnancy / Childbirth

How to know the sex of the unborn child? This is the fastest way

Many parents want to know the child's sex before he is born.

For most of them, this is very important information, especially when you are expecting a second child and you want to make your dreams come true.

Curiosity is so great that the expectant mother or daddy often decide on additional methods to check whether a boy or a girl will be born.

How can you check the sex of the child?

home test to check the sex of the child

When can you recognize the sex of the child?

  • home test to check the sex of the child - around 6 weeks of pregnancy - sounds incredible? However, it is possible. Thanks to a special test that you can carry out yourself at home, without having to visit a doctor's office. How? Just a small sample of morning urine applied with a pipette to a special window. The test detects the presence of a hormone in the urine, which only appears when a boy is born. This method gives 99.8% certainty. The cost of the test is about PLN 200.
  • ultrasound examination at the doctor's made depending on the equipment and skills of the doctor from 12 weeks of pregnancy to 20 weeks of pregnancy - gives confidence at 99%. An experienced doctor is able to say with a high probability what sex the child is.

In addition, there are many stereotypes and beliefs about the sex of the child passed down over the years from generation to generation. However, all these more or less known methods should be treated as divination, not real information that can be taken into account when we complete a layette for a child.