Sales of clothing and products for children are starting

The first days after Christmas is the time when sales begin in stores. The first reductions usually reach 30% -50%. Those products that will not find customers immediately, often after a dozen or so days are available even cheaper - for the patient and lucky even at a price lower by 70%.

Are you hunting for clothes and clothing at a reduced price? Do you buy current sizes or do you also choose another common way - buying baby clothing "for the year"?

Where are the sales going on today?

We will definitely buy cheaper online:

  • Mango Kids - up to -50% (usually 30%), women's and men's collections are also on sale
  • Zara - up to -50% (also usually 30%), cheaper collections for women and men - online and stationary,
  • H&M - only stationary - the site offers "now even bigger sale"
  • smyk - online sale up to -80%, clothes and shoes up to -60%
  • Auchan - sale
  • F&F - clothing and footwear sale up to 50% cheaper - stationary


  • Bebilon 2,3,4 2 Super Pharm milk at PLN 59.99 for 1200 grams
  • Gerber ready meals and desserts for babies at Super Pharm 2 +1 for a penny with a Life Style card


  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Tesco for PLN 44.99 instead of PLN 49.99
  • Pampers Active Baby Dry nappies at Polo Market at PLN 49.99 for one pack
  • Pampers Maxi Pack diapers in Super-Pharm 44-80 pieces for PLN 36.99 with a LifeStyle card
  • the whole Ziajka series at Super-Pharm 30% cheaper,
  • Pampers wet wipes at the Polo Market for PLN 7.99
  • Bambino children's soap at the Polo Market for PLN 1.69
  • Bambino baby cream at the Polo Market for PLN 4.99
  • Bambino baby oil at the Polo Market at PLN 7.99
  • Lovela lotion or washing powder at the Polo Market for PLN 24.99
  • Johnson's Baby all products in Super-Pharm 30% cheaper

Other toys

  • Lovi all products for children and babies at Super-Pharm 30% cheaper

Tesco 27-30.12.2014

Polo Market 27-31.12.2014

Super-Pharm 27.12 - 02.01.2015