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Pushchair for two children, year after year

Pushchair for two children, year after year

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When we are expecting a second child, and we have less than a year old at home, we are faced with the necessity of choosing a pram in which we can transport two children. Fortunately, producers give us some interesting suggestions. Which one should you choose?

ABC Design Zoom year after year

This is one of the smallest prams available for two children. It allows you to transport a baby in a gondola and an older child in the front in a stroller.

The trolley allows for any assembly of the following elements: gondola, car seat and sports seat. They can be mounted forward or rearward facing and facing each other.

After folding, the size of the stroller is to match the average stroller. That's what the manufacturer assures.

The truck weighs 18.50 kilograms. Price around PLN 2,800.

Graco Trekko Duo

A practical three-wheeled stroller that can be quickly turned into a tandem. Suitable for children from birth until they are three years old. The upper seat can be adjusted in three levels, while the lower seat can be adjusted in two levels. Unfortunately, the lower seat is small and the visibility of the child sitting on it is very limited.

The trolley can be folded with one hand. It weighs about 14 kilograms. Price PLN 1290.

TFK Twinner Twist Duo

The TFK Twinner Twist Duo stroller is a stroller that we get with two booths and strollers. It has four pumped wheels, separately folding booths with windows, smoothly adjustable seat back, adjustable handle height.

Price: PLN 2999

When you choose a stroller for two children - remember that

  • before you buy a stroller in which the seats are arranged side by side - make sure it fits in the front door or elevator. It is very important that each seat has a separate backrest folding mechanism
  • when the seats are arranged one after the other - it is very important to be able to unfold them to the lying position and to be able to mount them in front or back to the direction of travel. Such prams have the advantage over the first model that they fit into every door, unfortunately they are quite long, which affects the comfort of maneuvering. Also, some children may object to being transported in a pram that they don't see much (especially their second child),
  • you can also choose a special extra for the trolley in the form of a platform, on which the toddler can stand during a walk. More on this topic - our review.
  • another solution is a sling or a sling for a younger child and a stroller for the older. When a younger child gets older, he can change into a stroller, and the older child can walk alone.
  • pay attention to wheels, which should be comfortable - manoeuvrable with the possibility of blocking,
  • the best will be aluminum frame, which is lighter than the one made of iron. Still, you have to count on weighing about 25 kilograms. Some manufacturers guarantee smooth, lightweight folding.
  • five-point seat belts - which ensure safety as well as help keep an older child in a pram.