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Barbie, Monster High Dread Students

Barbie, Monster High Dread Students

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One can argue about whether Barbie-shaped toys are suitable for children. There is no shortage of strong opinions that you should not play with them.
Is such a clear statement and taking the child's iconic Barbie toys necessary? You can argue with this position and try to downplay all warnings ... However, it is difficult to approach the Monster High series with such lightness, in which we will find accessories such as a torture mirror, imitation of cut veins, skulls or coffins ... The risk of playing with them is not only in distortion images of a woman and her silhouette, but in the distorted image of people as such ... and in an interest in a sphere far from the world of children.
Talking about Monster High toys is a discussion about tastes, and as you know, they are not better discussed. Still, I will accept this challenge.

Fashion for Monster High, or dark taste

The fashion for Monster High fits in with the trend of bloody stories. Ghost dolls are the "children" of Werewolf, Dracula, Zombie and others. Depending on who their "parents" are, they are between 2 and 12000 years old and are distinguished by unusual properties: they do not see their reflection, lose body parts, feed on blood. Pupils disappear and the teacher carries her head in her hands, others drop her hands in unexpected moments. All of them, despite these apparent deficiencies, are supposed to be ghostly beautiful and very handsome.
Books about the adventures of Monster High appear in 25 countries around the world, all movies are viewed millions of times. The amount of gadgets, toys and accessories with the Monster High label is difficult to count. Among them, dolls designed by the well-known company Mattel are very popular. On the packaging of each of them there is a description: information about what a given doll likes, what does not and what it is. In this way, the child can choose a doll most similar to itself. And this is probably the secret of Barbie Monster High's marketing success.
Some, taking into account the theme itself and the way it is presented, speak directly and bluntly: this is an introduction and encouragement to satanic thinking.
For supporters of Monster High, they are an alternative to too candy, pink Barbie. Again, their opponents emphasize that the manufacturer went a few steps too far, that he did not create something in return, but something that is exaggerated just like the ideal world of the classic Barbie, except that it is at the other extreme.

Gentle and impractical?

You can talk a lot about Monster High. Are these toys nice? Probably a matter of aesthetics. Should children play with them? For me, a lot depends on the way I was raised
Trying to be objective, you can see that the dolls are made very carefully, with attention to every detail. However, due to the wealth of models, it is difficult to describe them all.
Almost each of them is connected by one fact: the delicacy of the construction .... You have to be careful about the connection of the hands with the torso and the hair that falls out during the "bathing".
There is something else, toys cost around PLN 130 per piece. Clothes for a change cost about PLN 50. That's quite a lot, considering the manufacturer's collector's idea, which does everything to raise the children's desire to own "the entire Monster High school".

All children have ... and I want to ...

Should you buy a Monster High for your child? Be seduced by fashion? Of course, trying to refuse a child who insists that he wants to have a toy because "all children in the class have" can be very difficult. However, sometimes it is worth trying, because the price can be a child's mental health, or protection against its corruption: as the opponents of these dolls say.

Collectible dolls?

When considering: it's worth it or it's not worth it, something else should be kept in mind. Many models of Monster High dolls have a stand attached, which means that they should be treated as "collector's toys". This was also how they were perceived at the very beginning, when they appeared on the market, before the fashion for it went to Poland.
Certainly they were not intended for the youngest, but for adults. Placed in a display case in numerous costumes with beautiful make-up, they could and still please the eye ... but in my opinion people above a certain age limit for whom to sleep in a casket can be ghostly ridiculously and not ghostly incomprehensible, or worse, arouse curiosity from which we would like to protect the youngest.

And you, what is your attitude towards these dolls? Are they indifferent to you? Do you let them play? To what extent? Your child has the doll itself, ghostly accessories for it? Does such aesthetics appeal to you? Write!