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Fruit and vegetables not sold to Russia for Polish students?

Fruit and vegetables not sold to Russia for Polish students?

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Fruit and vegetables not sold to Russia can be reused. Some of them can go to schools and kindergartens, and even private universities.

Directors of educational institutions who want to receive "embargo" apples should report to the headquarters of the Agricultural Market Agency (Agricultural Market Agency). It is enough to complete simple formalities for the facility to enter the register of institutions that have the right to receive withdrawn food free of charge. The register is currently used by food producers who are looking for recipients of withdrawn products. They will also benefit from the opportunity to pass them on to schools. Delivery of apples to schools is in the interest of growers, because also for transport they can apply for compensation (the European Commission has determined that up to 25 km is about PLN 75 per ton).

Embargo fruit and vegetables can reach not only school and kindergartens, but also nurseries, junior high schools, high schools, and even private institutions.

How to get fruit withdrawn from the market? Directors of facilities may call the ARR Information Point: (22) 661 72 72