Nappies, dinners, toys - where is the cheapest?

Cheap, cheaper, cheapest. Just a few seconds to find out where to buy Pampers this time, and where Huggies and wet wipes. Or maybe porridges and dinners and toys?


  • Pampers diapers- PLN 14 you can save by buying Pampers Premium Care Jumbo pack midi diapers at Tesco. You will pay 55.99 PLN for each package.
  • Huggies diapers- You spend 10 PLN less, i.e. 39.99 PLN on Auchan Super Dry diapers packaging.
  • Wet wipes- At Tesco, the price of tissues with the Euro 2012 logo has fallen by half. Now for 72 pcs. in the package you will pay PLN 5.49. On the other hand, a four pack of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes will get PLN 6 cheaper, i.e. PLN 19.99 (in Real you will pay PLN 26.95 for 6x64). For six packages of Dzidziu┼Ť Kindii handkerchiefs in Carrefour you will have to spend PLN 20 without a penny (in Rossmann 3 pcs - PLN 11.79). At the Rossmann drugstore, you pay PLN 4.99 for the packaging of Bambino wipes (current price: PLN 6.79).
  • Cosmetics- Rossmann drugstores have prepared promotions for their clients. Instead of PLN 29.99, you'll pay only PLN 21.99 for the sun protection cream Nivea baby SPF 30. Johnson's Baby products - creams in 75ml and 100ml tubes will now amount to PLN 11.99 (up to PLN 13.69).


  • Juices, nectars, water and drinks- If you decide to buy a collective packaging at Tesco, which will contain 12 half-liter bottles of Winnie Waterr, you will pay 27% cheaper for each piece, i.e. PLN 1.67 in total. The price of Hipp juices from the Bio series in 500ml bottles has dropped by 50gr. At Polo Market you will pay 5.49 PLN per item. Buying 3 juices Bobo Frut 3x300ml at Rossmann for PLN 2.99 / piece, you will get the fourth bottle for free.
  • porridge- Only this week by buying 180g packet of BoboVita rice porridge you will get 20% of the product for free and spend 4.79 PLN at Tesco (4.89 PLN at Rossmann). In Real, you spend 10.49 PLN on two packages of milk-rice porridge from the same company.
  • Dinners and dishes- When you buy three 125g Hipp soup jars for PLN 8.99, you'll get 3 teaspoons for free at Tesco. At the Polo Market, you pay PLN 7.49 for two 190g jars of BoboVity dinners. At Rossmann, the price for a single item is PLN 4.19.
  • desserts- At Carrefour, the price of 125g or 130g Gerber dessert jar is now PLN 2.69 per item. Cheaper - PLN 2.49 you will pay for an identical offer at Rossmann.


  • For the garden- The price of a plastic swing (double rocker) in Real fell from 79.95 PLN to 39.95 PLN.
  • Educational- Squeaking soft rattles, material books and stuffed animals can be purchased at Biedronka for PLN 16.99 per item.


  • For sitting- You can get charming folding armchairs with a practical drink holder at Pepco for PLN 19.99.
  • To the car- If you still haven't bought a car seat for your child, then in the Polo Market the Kinderkraft Smart product for children from 9 to 36 kg will cost you PLN 149.
  • Toilet- In Biedronka, spending PLN 16.99, you can buy a plastic potty, toilet seat or stand for a baby who learns to use the toilet on his own. In Kaufland you will get similar products 2 PLN cheaper.


  • Underwear- Baby clowns are available in Real in the amount of PLN 12 / item
  • blouses- The price of children's t-shirts in Carrefour has fallen by 70%. You will pay a round PLN 5 per item. At Pepco, you will spend a penny cheaper on 100% cotton shirts. At the same price you will get girlish tops with lace trim.
  • For girls- At Pepco you will receive a 44% discount on baby dresses. Art will cost you only PLN 9.99. You will spend the same amount on a summer set consisting of a blouse and shorts. However, you have to pay PLN 1.99 for printed panties.
  • For boys- Boys' briefs (age 2-8 years) is an expense in Pepco in the amount of less than PLN 2 per piece. Pajamas with a print you will get for less than PLN 15.

Promotion time:
Tesco 05.07- 11.07
Carrefour 07.07-09.07
Pepco 06.07- 19.07
Polo Market 04.07-10.07
Real 05.07- 11.07
Auchan 07.07-17.07
Rossmann 29.06-11.07
Biedronka 09.07-15.07