The latest promotions for children's products

  • Hipp Bio modified baby milk pack 800g for PLN 47.99 in Real
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge pack 230g for PLN 6.99 in Real
  • BoboVita children's tea pack of 400g at a price of PLN 13.99 in Kaufland various types
  • Bebilon Profutura modified milk over 6 months, packet 800g for 64.99 PLN in Carrefour
  • Gerber dishes for children pack 190g. In Carrefour, 4 pcs for the price of 3, ie: PLN 3.82 per item
  • Bebilon 2 modified milk for children pack of 1200g for PLN 59.99 at Super Pharm
  • Hipp Bio rice wafers 35g pack for PLN 3.89 with LifeStyle card at Super Pharm
  • Hipp Bio pumpkin for children pack of 2x220g for PLN 9.99 with a LifeStyle card at Super Pharm

Hygienic products:

  • Happy baby diapers Big Pack for PLN 48.99 in Real
  • Pampers Giant Pack baby diapers in Kaufland for a pack we will pay PLN 46.99
  • Bobini shampoo and bath lotion pack 400ml for PLN 5.55 in Kaufland
  • Carrefour baby wet wipes pack of 72 pcs at PLN 5.79 in Carrefour
  • Nivea baby care products various types of packaging for PLN 12.99 per 1 item.
  • Nivea Baby products for children with a LifeStyle card by buying any two products for 1 penny, you'll get Nivea baby wipes in the Super Pharm network
  • Huggies baby diapers for swimming all sizes with a LifeStyle card at Super Pharm for PLN 14.99
  • LifeBaby baby wipes pack of 72 at PLN 4.99 at Super Pharm with a LifeStyle card
  • When you buy Johnson's Baby body care products at Super Pharm, Johnson's Baby soap with baby cream will be given for free
  • Bambino baby diapers in various sizes at Super Pharm for PLN 19.99


  • Love two-phase electronic breast pump at Super Pharm for PLN 399
  • Canpol Babies nursing mesh at Super Pharm for PLN 15.99
  • Canpol Babies non-spill cup 250ml fudge with handle at PLN 11.99 at Super Pharm

Promotion time

Real 05-11.06.2014
Kaufland 05-11.06.2014
Carrefour 4/09/06/2014
Tesco 04-11.06.2014
Super-Pharm 05-18.06.2014
Auchan 05-11.06.2014