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The best toys for the balcony / terrace

The best toys for the balcony / terrace

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Outdoor time is the best. Of course, every day it is worth taking your child for walks, playground, play football with him and play actively. However, this is not always possible. Then the balcony and terrace remain.

What should you choose for a toddler to create the best conditions for fun? Toy manufacturers give us many possibilities ...

Alex Toys laundry thread

Does a few want to help hang up the laundry? He likes to pull on lines or buckles, and we don't really like it? The solution can be Alex Toys laundry thread, i.e. wooden figures imitating laundry, and a rope on which we can thread them.

Strengths? Wooden elements comfortable for small hands, great workmanship and simple fun for every child. Price around 60 zlotys.

Little Tikes spiral water table

A great toy for a larger balcony or a spacious terrace, which will take care especially on hot days. The toy gives many possibilities: you can throw small smiling balls into a spiral tube, turn the drive wheel, fill the cup, pour water into the funnel, turn the water wheel, set wild water in motion.

Price around PLN 300

The toy from this manufacturer is also available in the water table, pirate ship pattern.

Multifunctional table for the balcony

We will receive it at popular internet auctions. We will pay about PLN 100. On one countertop, you'll find space for sand, water, toys ... and all at a height that suits your child.