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What for Bunny?

Hare, inconspicuous edelweiss is one of the symbols of Easter. Children associate particularly nice hares, because they tend to bring presents. The Easter Bunny has its roots in German culture and from there it also came to Poland.

At Christmas, Santa brings presents, and at Easter - Easter bunny. But this is not an ordinary hare, although similar to a standard forest-meadow greyhound, it is customary to come to children with a basket full of presents.

How to prepare for the visit of the Easter Bunny?

On Easter eve (Holy Saturday) you need to prepare special baskets, e.g. a cardboard box or a box that the child decorates in his own way. Straw or pieces of cut paper are placed on the bottom of the "basket". At night, the bunny puts gifts into the baskets, and in the morning the children look for all gifts from the edelweiss that can be found anywhere. The whole event is usually accompanied by the joy and fun of children who are looking for hidden gifts not only in prepared baskets, e.g. in the garden, garage or even a bathtub. The whole fun is primarily about joint search for small gifts left by Zajączka.

What will the Easter Bunny bring?

According to the custom, the Easter Bunny usually brings some small presents, but if the child is demanding, he must try harder. It's best to ask your child in advance drew what he would like to receive on a piece of paper and give to parents who will probably help the Bunny in buying the right thing. It is important, however, that the Easter Bunny does not overshadow the true meaning of Easter and is only an addition to the joint celebration.

And what does the Easter bunny usually bring?


Most often, the bunny brings sweets, which are not lacking in stores usually before Christmas, chocolates, chocolate eggs and figurines, candies, they can be single sweets or one solid basket full of sweetness. If parents do not agree to such large amounts of sweets, you need to look for more sophisticated gifts.

Stuffed animals

Children love plush toys, you can hug them and play in different ways. Stuffed animals in the form of rabbit, duck or even a spring flower are the most popular during Easter. It is important that they associate nice with the holidays and spring.


A universal gift regardless of gender or age is a ball. Younger children will like soft, rubber or plush small shapes, while older ones will be pumped. It would be good if the ball from Zajączka were colorful and different from those the child already has, e.g. with a funny pet's face or even spring flowers.


Blocks are a toy liked by all children. Younger ones will like larger blocks, while older ones will probably enjoy the set of one of the renowned company producing blocks. Due to the fact that the blocks are usually in colorful spring colors, they will perfectly give a spring and holiday gift accent.


While girls love to get colorful dresses, boys may not necessarily like clothing as a gift from a rabbit. However, a Christmas theme, e.g. a hare on a shirt, may turn out to be a good gift. Various types of costumes that will allow you to dress up as a chicken or bunny are also suitable.

Water mischief toys

It is true that Śmigus dyngus is only on Lana Monday, but nothing prevents the Easter Bunny from giving the child a plastic dog - a helicopter in the shape of an egg, a decorative figurine, a pump or a pistol. The toy can be used not only on Lana Monday, but on a walk in the park to water the grass and even during the evening bathing.