Shopping for children

  • BoboVita dessert for children pack 125g for PLN 2.89 in Real different types
  • Hipp dishes for children, various types, 230g for PLN 4.99 in Real
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge for children of different types at a price of 7.49 PLN pack in Real
  • Bebilon modified baby milk pack 1200g for PLN 54.99 at Tesco
  • BoboVita rice porridge at Tesco buy 2 180g packages and pay PLN 11 or pay with a Clubcard PLN 9
  • Gerber desserts various types in 130g pack, where 55g for free at 2.79 packs in Tesco
  • BoboVita various types 2x250g pack for PLN 10 at Tesco, while 2x190g pack for PLN 9
  • Nestle Jogircik 4x100g at Tesco for PLN 9.99 at Tesco
  • Danonki cheese for children 6-pack at the price of PLN 3.99 at Carrefour, while in the Net Danonki 4-pack for the price of PLN 4.99
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge in Auchan for PLN 6.59, pack of 230g, various types
  • Gerber children's dish "Doremi" various types in a 190g pack for PLN 3.79 in Kaufland
  • Hipp soups, ready meals 190g, 1 + 1 package for half price, set for PLN 8.99 at Super Pharm
  • Bebiko modified milk pack 350g selected types at Intermarche for PLN 14.69 or buying two packets we pay PLN 26
  • Gerber fruit desserts with yogurt or cottage cheese, packet 190g for PLN 4.99 at Super Pharm
  • Nestle NAN PRO 2.3 modified milk pack of 350g for PLN 19.99 at Super Pharm
  • Hipp dish Bio pack of 250 g selected assortment in Piotr i Paweł for PLN 5.99

Hygienic products:

  • Huggies baby wet wipes in Real pack of 2 + 1 for PLN 13.99
  • Nivea Baby cosmetics for children of different types pack 500ml for PLN 13.89 in Real
  • Linomag baby care cream pack 50ml for PLN 6.99 in Real
  • Maziajka liquid soap for children pack of 500ml in Real for PLN 5.49
  • Colgate brush for children 2-6 years for PLN 6.99 in Real
  • Colgate Smiles toothpaste various types in a 50ml pack for PLN 6.99 in Real
  • Pampers Economy Box Plus baby diapers pack for PLN 89.99 at Tesco, where Hugies 4 × 64 wipes for free
  • Tesco Love Babys baby diapers at PLN 24.99 at Tesco
  • Nivea Baby at Tesco selected products 30% cheaper
  • Bobini baby shampoo 2in1, 400ml for 5.99 packs in Tesco
  • Pommette baby diapers at Intermarche for 27.99 PLN pack of three sizes
  • Pampers New Born selected assortment in Piotr i Paweł for 35.99 PLN
  • Bobini baby wipes selected assortment of packaging for PLN 3.99 in Piotr i Paweł
  • Lovela washing powder various types at Tesco for PLN 43.99
  • Pampers diapers Sleep & Play different types for 29.99 PLN at Carrefour
  • Cleanic Kindii baby baby wet wipes at PLN 11.89 for 2 + 1 pack in Carrefour, while Kaufland offers a pack at PLN 4.44
  • Cleanic Kindii Dzidziuś baby wet wipes for 2 + 1 for free, set for PLN 9.99 (offer applies to LiveStyle card holders) at Super Pharm
  • Hipp body care products for children at Super Pharm 30% cheaper
  • Sweet Baby baby care products 100ml - 400ml for PLN 4.99 per pack at Super Pharm
  • Pentan at Super Pharm offers its products 30% cheaper
  • Pampers Maxi Pack at Super Pharm for PLN 49.99 (when buying two packages of Lenor mouthwash for 1 penny)
  • Lovela washing milk 1.5l or washing powder 1.8kg for 20.99 at Super Pharm
  • Oral -B Stages brushes, toothpastes pack. 75mł at Super Pharm for PLN 8.49


  • Metal sleds of various types for PLN 59.99 at Carrefour
  • Plastic slide at Carrefour for PLN 14.99
  • Disney potty in Carrefour for PLN 14.99
  • Lovi PP bottle 250ml + Lovi dynamic teat (for 1 penny), PLN 24.99 at Super Pharm

Promotion time

Real 23-29.01.2014
Tesco 23-29.01.2014
Carrefour January 22-27, 2014
Auchan 23-30.01.2014
Net 27.01-02.02.2014
Kaufland 23-29.01.2014
Super Pharm 16-29.01.2014
Piotr i Paweł 22-29.01.2014
Intermarche 23-29.01.2014