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Organic wonders. Original toys

Organic wonders. Original toys

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There was a breakthrough in the toy market. Plastic, trashy, or on the contrary, good quality products from popular manufacturers, finally have their worthy rivals. Wooden and other ecological playmates stood up to fight for children's favors. Just as fashion for clothes, characteristic of given periods in the history of humanity, returns to the catwalks of modern designers, so also toys are experiencing a renaissance. On the one hand, the observed phenomenon may be the result of being fascinated by views that are based on the foundations of ecology. However, one cannot ignore another option, which is searching for an alternative to a market saturated with given products. In any case, wooden toys are increasingly found on store shelves and on the web. Below are a few models that won my heart.

Be a star

Fulfilling the dreams of young screenwriters and kids who feel the actor's call of nature, it will certainly turn out to be solidly made wooden theater (Goki, price 59 PLN). The opportunity to present your stage abilities to family members and friends will not only give your child courage, but also help him develop his creativity. Choosing the right scenery, engaging puppets, puppets and developing a script for the show will consume our kids for hours. Home theater is the perfect way to have fun, which can have a different course and a surprising finale each time.
Kitchen, kitchen! We want to eat!

For lovers of kitchen experiments I propose a real revolution in the form of inedible but interesting meal. Made in an environmentally friendly atmosphere, these toys develop the passions of future chefs, teach the principles of savoir vivre, and expand knowledge about the world of food products. They are also excellent props for role-playing, during which children learn to work with peers. We can suggest to culinary art students having fun with wooden sausages (Plan Toys -67 PLN, Educo- 99 PLN), which can be cut with a safe knife and, by the way, heard a familiar crunch. If your kids prefer sweets set of small pastry chef with appetizing muffins and a roulade that can be divided into portions may turn out to be a hit. In addition to various sets, companies producing wooden food have individual copies of vegetables and fruit. Their presence at home can contribute to the liking of many healthy food for many.

Enjoy your meal

An alternative to commonly known blocks are products for creating various constructions that made of potato starch. Unusually crisps (Playmais - 1000 elements for PLN 63), owe their rainbow colors to food dyes. If it happens that the participant of the game comes up with the idea to consume any of the elements, then you do not need to look for help in the emergency. The block will simply dissolve in your stomach. One of the assets of this creative toy is hers lightweight, uncomplicated user manual - a little water is enough to connect individual crunchies, safety - you don't need to use glue while playing, the blocks are characterized by the lack of sharp edges and are not small things. In addition, we can combine them in any configuration, stick to paper, cardboard, glass. They allow the young designer to create spatial buildings, animal and human figures as well as pictures. And if you don't like their shape, you can cut them freely.
Ecology for you brother!

At home torn bags you no longer have to sleep through your eyelids. Preschoolers will be able to transform them into ecological monster. It will enable them with a creative set (Green creativity PLN 33), which brings children closer the idea of ​​recycling. In addition to the instructions for use, the contents of the box contain templates and materials that will make scary puppets for home theater or decorate our kid's room. The monster brought to classes will arouse the interest not only of friends but also educators.
And if you would like to become the owners original lamp from recovery, a set of Green creativity PLN 40 to create it will definitely be a successful purchase. All you need to play is batteries and an empty plastic bottle. A lamp made by hand will become a favorite addition to any apartment and, at the same time, a great excuse to raise the issue of saving energy and reusing everyday objects.

So come on, paint my world

Painted walls, furniture and floors finally stop being your bane. If you are the parents of a small artist, then this one coloring book he will definitely like it. The white cotton bag (Duka Care- PLN 16, Goki- PLN 9), on which the selected template has been applied, can be colored with pencils, markers or paints, and then framed, but use it when shopping. It may well fulfill the role of a bag for shoes. If not the bag, then as a background for the drawing of our child a pencil case or a t-shirt will work. Having an item that you have made yourself is not only a source of pride, but also a way to stand out from the crowd by having a unique thing.

A world of cardboard

Staying in the atmosphere of drawing, I suggest looking at small works of art that may be the result of our branches. Not requiring the use of glue or scissors, designed so that they look impeccable for a long time and do not pose a threat to either children or the environment, they are a great alternative to ready-made toys. Wigwams, animals and impressive cardboard buildings (Calafant from 20 PLN to 58 PLN) can be decorated according to the preferences of young artists. It's a great way to awaken a child's artistic passion, stimulate his creativity and make toys even closer and therefore unique.

Fashion Designer

In my childhood, it was extremely popular to create dolls out of cardboard, which we used to match creations cut out of paper with my friends. Although we already have the Pewex era behind us, we can offer similar fun to our children. Manufacturers wooden puzzles (Goki- PLN 27, TomiToys- PLN 16) have prepared a treat for young fashion lovers. At first glance, the sets resemble strange puzzle with a limited number of combinations. Certainly representatives of both sexes will like this offer. Prepared creations can be an inspiration to create in their image a children's wardrobe.

Motor skills under control

If your child has problems with laces by footwear in a pleasant way you can help him learn how to tie bows and lacing. Happy beetles will come to your aid, wooden shoe or cheese with a mouse (Ekotoys - 25 PLN). By playing, the child will acquire new skills and will find that practical knowledge does not have to be boring.

It largely depends on us which toys our child is dealing with. Let's make sure that his childhood is not only carefree, but also memorable thanks to the original gadgets.