"Peter Pan" and "Beauty and the Beast" 2

The first competition in which you could win admission tickets for unusual ice shows is behind us. Time for a second proposal of fun, i.e. the second round of competition games. We hope that you will not disappoint us this time and will use our invitation. Details below!

We have two of you lots of triple tickets for the performances: "Peter Pan" and "Beauty and the Beast" on ice organized in several cities! We will give them into good hands. :)

Competition's rules

This time we would like to motivate you to write nursery rhymes or for more ambitious people: poems. Main topic: "Ideas for winter fun".

Reach for pens, pencils, computer keyboards or telephones and write, combining words and sentences with rhymes, thinking about an interesting sound or punch line. It can be short, it can be longer, if only to keep the topic and share it in poems ideas for winter fun. The more interesting it is, the better. Send your answers to [email protected]

Remember to in the email title provide the city you want to go to, for example, entering: "Katowice Peter Pan 8.12", "Warsaw Beauty and the Beast 13.12". If you do not care about a specific performance, simply enter "Warsaw" or "Poznań" or "Kraków" in the title of the message. Messages in which the title will not be marked, in which event the author wants to participate (or the city will not be given) will not be taken into account.

Everyone can send any number of applications.

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from November 17 to November 27.


Peter Pan Katowice 8.12 at 14.30 6 ticket art
Wrocław Pater Pan 11.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Warsaw - Beauty and the Beast 13.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Warsaw - Peter Pan 14.12 at 11.00 3 pcs
Krakow - Peter Pan 15.12 at 14.30 3 pcs
Krakow - Beauty and the Beast 16.12 hours. 18.00 3 items
Poznań - Peter Pan 18.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Poznań - Beauty and the Beast 19.12 at 18.00 3 pcs

Detailed regulations: Regulations of the Ice Performance.

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