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Where are the cheapest baby diapers and lenses?

Dessert food products Friends BoboVita 80 grams in Kaufland for 2.99 PLN Bebilon 2 ProFutura milk in Rossmann for 52, 99 PLN, Bebilon milk 2.3.4 1200 grams in Super-Pharm for 64.99 PLN, Nestle Sinlac at Super-Pharm at PLN 21.99, Hygienic accessories baby shampoo Nivea two types in Kaufland at PLN 6.79 Nivea Baby sun protection cream at Rossmann at PLN 22.99 Bobini washing liquids at Rossmann at price 13 , PLN 99 for 2 liters Bobini washing powder 1 kg in Rossmann for PLN 10.99 Lovela washing powder in Rossmann for PLN 24.99 for 1800 grams, Babydream diapers in Rossmann for PLN 21.99 Pampers Maxi Pack diapers at Super Pharm at PLN 46.99, Life Baby's all sizes at Super-Pharm at PLN 28.99, Oillan products at SuperPharm 30% cheaper, Pampers selected products 20% cheaper, Emolium at Super-Pharm 40% cheaper, Kaufland up to 2.
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They have 100 grandchildren!

Zenger, Leo and Ruth from Illinois, USA, have a 59-year marriage and 12 children, 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Since 1962, they run a family business and most relatives live nearby. Ruth laughs that their family could create a single-town community.
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"Cat in boots Live" competition

You know him from books, you saw him on the small and the big screen. You fell in love long ago. For being a rude, rebel, clever, but also a good friend. For talking a lot and walking everywhere in his huge shoes. Now it's time to see the world's most famous cat live!
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What parents don't like Fisher Price for?

There is no parent who does not know the Fisher Price brand. The flagship products are in every home - Pot Block or Puppy Puppy. The undoubted advantage of all products of this brand is the quality of workmanship and durability. And the disadvantages? Well they are! More and more visible. While the world is rediscovering the wonderful and wise simplicity of wooden blocks and rag dolls, FP blindly follows the progress, proposing educational toys that paradoxically teach less and less.
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Toy Vertigo Stamps

The set includes 12 stamps with animals (lion, turtle, hippo, kitty, lamb, chanterelles, monkey, dog, tigers, teddy bear, elephant and bunny), ink pad (blue and red) and notebook. Just a simple move on the grid to reflect the selected animal on it and in the selected color: once blue, once red.
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Emollients for children. When should they be used?

Skin problems in children are extremely common today. Internet forums are bursting at the seams with threads on the subject. Parents exchange opinions on how to deal with irritations, dry spots on the skin in children. When the problem persists, they quickly direct their steps to the doctor's office.
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